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Amy Aronson
Ph.D., Columbia University

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Amy Aronson studies media history with a focus on American magazines and periodical literature. Within that frame, her primary research interest is gender, including both femininity and masculinity studies. A scholar-practitioner, Dr. Aronson has published both scholarly and journalistic work on issues of gender, diversity, journalism history and American culture.

Aronson holds a BA from Princeton University and a Ph.D. from Columbia University. She is the author of Taking Liberties: Early American Women’s Magazines and Their Readers (Praeger, 2002) and an editor of the international quarterly, Media History. She has also co-authored or co-edited five books, including a centennial edition of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s classic Women & Economics (California, 1998) and the two-volume Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities (ABC-Clio), which was honored with the “Best of Reference” Award from the New York Public Library in 2004. A former editor at Working Woman and Ms., her work has also appeared in such publications as BusinessWeek, Global Journalist, Working Mother and the Boston Globe.

She is currently writing a cultural biography of the early twentieth-century feminist and attorney Crystal Eastman, a rebel journalist, publisher, media activist and the woman behind the founding of the ACLU.

Selected Publications:

Books and Journal Issues
Taking Liberties: Early American Women’s Magazines and Their Readers (Praeger, 2002)
Media History Special Issue on Women’s Magazines in the 20th Century, 2000.

Scholarly Articles
 “Still Reading Women’s Magazines: Reconsidering the History a Half Century After The Feminine Mystique.” Forthcoming in American Journalism, 2010.
"Reconceiving the Women's Magazine."  Forthcoming in Media Report to Women, Winter 2010.
“Changing Gender Through Journalism: Revising Identity in The Lily.” In Seeking a Voice: Images of Race and Gender in 19th Century Journalism. Purdue University Press, 2009
“Women’s Magazines.” In Robin Andersen and Jonathan Gray, eds. Battleground: The Media (Greenwood, 2008)
 “Domesticity and Collective Agency: Contribution and Collaboration in America’s First Successful Women’s Magazine.” American Periodicals, Spring, 2004.  
 “The Saviors and the Saved: Masculine Redemption in Contemporary Films,” with Michael Kimmel. In Lehman, ed., Masculinity: Bodies, Movies, Culture (Routledge, 2003)
“America’s First Feminist Magazine: Transforming the Popular to the Political.” In Brake et al., eds. Nineteenth-Century Media and the Construction of Identities (MacMillan, 2000)
“Labor Feminist: Olga Madar.” In Scanlon, ed., Significant Contemporary Feminists: A Biographical Sourcebook (Greenwood, 2000)
“Sons of Liberty and Their Silenced Sisters: Ladies’ Magazines and Women’s Self-Representation in the Early Republic.” Newspaper and Periodical History, Autumn, 2000.

"Image Is Everything:  Profile of Mary Ellen Mark." Working Woman, February 2000.
"Add Color and Stir?  Black Romance Novels:  New  Twists on the Old Formula."  Ms., March /April 1999.
"A Vroom of One's Own: Women Bikers Drive a Motercycle Boom."  Working Woman, June 1999.
Op-Ed: “The Wage Gap: Forty Years and Counting.” Written for the Ms. Foundation, 2004.
“‘In’ Place in the Outer Boroughs: The Brooklyn Academy of Music.” Bucks, 2004
“Vivien Labaton and The Fire This Time.” NYU Law School Magazine, 2004.
Op-Ed: “Thanks for Nothing.” (On parental leave) Written for the Ms. Foundation, 2003.
Op-Ed: “National Family Caregivers’ Month.” Written for the Ms. Foundation, 2003.
“Weddings and Civil Unions in Vermont.” Boston Globe, Wedding Supplement, June, 2003.
“Profiles in Working Fatherhood: 20 Men, Many Dilemmas.” The Ms. Foundation, 2003.
“Birthing Centers: Thriving Nationwide.” Boston Globe, Parenting Supplement, 2002.
“Not Your Father’s Workplace: Diversity and the Majority Male.” Profiles In Diversity, 2002.
“American Women’s Magazines Go Global.” Global Journalist, 2001.


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