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The Department of Communication and Media Studies


Reich, Jacqueline FMH 430    718-817-4850 
Associate Chair, Undergraduate (Rose Hill)
Strate, Lance
Media Ecology, New Media, and Popular Culture
FMH 434A 718-817-4864 
Associate Chair, UNDERGraduate (Lincoln Center) 
Jackaway, Gwenyth
First Amendment Issues and the Media
L 415B 212-636-6960
Graduate Program Director
Amy Aronson
Women, Magazines, and Journalism
L415E 212-636-7738
Andersen, Robin FMH 439 718-817-4998
Auster, Al
Film and Television Studies
L 403F 212-636-7538
Campbell, Hopeton
New Media
FMH 317  718-817-5781
Capo, James
Ethics and Media Reform
FMH 438 718-817-4873
Casteline, Kimberly Eberhardt
Intersection of Media, Religion and Culture
Clark, Jennifer
Film and Television Studies
L 403B 212-636-8254  
Freeman, Lewis
Children and Media, Communication and Society
FMH 450   718-817-4853
Hardenbergh, Margot
Community Media and Media History
FMH 435 718-817-4854
Hayes, Arthur
Media Law and Policy, Journalism Studies
FMH 437 718-817-1262
Karasick, Adeena
Fiction into Film, Poetry and Poetics
 FMH 436-A 917-690-7912
Knobel, Beth
FMH 454 718-817-5041
Levinson, Paul
New Media, Politics and Media
FMH 453 718-817-4863
McCourt, Tom
Public Broadcasting, Popular Culture and Music
FMH 432 718-817-4862
Plugh, Mike
Media Ecology, New Media, Globalization
 FMH 436-A  718-817-4870
Marwick, Alice E.
Internet Studies and New Media Theory
FMH 452 718-817-4861
Rose, Brian
Television Studies
L 415C 212-636-6277
Schwartz, Margaret
Women and Media
L 414B 212-930-8849
Stone, Elizabeth
L 422D 212-636-6271
Tueth, Michael, S.J.
Film and Television Studies, Film,  Religion and Media
FMH 454

L 422E
Wachtel, Edward
Visual Media and Production
FMH 434 718-817-4858

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