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Early Admission into the M.A. Program in Public Communications

Early admission into the M.A. Program in Public Communications is offered to Fordham's outstanding undergraduate students in Communication and Media Studies These students have typically earned a GPA of 3.2 or higher. The program begins senior year and entails a shortened fifth year of graduate study toward the M.A. in Public Communications.

Early Admissions offers undergraduates the opportunity to take 2 graduate courses while still an undergraduate. These courses are applied to the undergraduate degree and the graduate degree. Students apply for admissions into the graduate program the second semester of their junior year. During their senior year, students typically take one graduate course in each semester. Students will graduate with a B.A. at the end of their senior year, but with advance credit (consisting of two course) toward an M.A.

Undergraduate courses do not count for both degrees, only graduate courses. In addition, only 5000 level graduate courses can be taken as an undergraduate. (Some seniors can also take 5000 level graduate courses, but they count for both degrees only if the student has been accepted into the program.) We recommend students begin with the course, COMM 5000 Media Analysis and Criticism, which is the required course and is offered every semester.

This program is restricted to Undergraduate students at Fordham University.

The initial deadline for sending applications is April 15. Applications received after this date will be reviewed on a rolling admissions basis.

Students who seek financial aid for their fifth year of study -- the fall and spring of the graduate program -- must apply during their senior year of college for GSAS Assistantships. Since these graduate awards are very competitive and based on merit, submission of a financial aid application and GRE scores according to GSAS deadlines is required. In other words, in order to be considered for financial aid in your fifth year, you must take the GREs in your fourth year.

If you do not intend to seek financial aid, GRE scores are not required

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