Fordham University            The Jesuit University of New York

Degree Requirements

Students Will take two required courses:

  • COMM 5000 Media Analysis and Criticism
  • A choice of one of the following: COMM 6851 Communications Ethics, COMM 5005 Theories of Public Communications, or COMM 5010 Role of Public Communications
Students will also choose a field of interest:
Media Theory and Criticism
Industries, Publics & Policies
Screen Arts & Cultures.

Three courses from the chosen field of interest are required. The remaining 12 credits are elective credits and students may choose from current course offerings to fulfill elective requirements. Based on student’s curricular focus, up to 2 courses may be taken in other departments or schools.

The Capstone Paper or Media Project: 

To complete an M.A. Degree students must complete the 30 credits as well as complete a capstone analytical or research paper or a multimedia project.

Research or Analytical Paper:

Students should begin to develop the topic of their capstone paper during their on-going course of study in the program. In some cases, a written assignment completed during course work can be further developed into the capstone paper, and completed at the end of course work. A student may work with a faculty mentor, either in an existing class, or as an Individual Study course, to complete the final paper. The student should enroll in an Individual Study tutorial to do so. Students may take 2 such courses, but are not required to.

Media Project:

The student may submit a media project as the capstone experience that completes the degree requirements. Suggestions for creative media projects include, but are not limited to; a radio documentary, a video project, a promotional campaign for a public-interest or not-for-profit organization. Students may also combine a paper with a creative work, such as a video presentation, a power point, or a poster for completion of the degree.

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