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A significant feature of the MA Program in Public Communications is the Internship Seminar. The Internship provides students with the opportunity to enhance their professional development through hands-on experience. Students apply their academic knowledge and hone their media skill by working within a professional context. Internships are available in media organizations, ranging from daily newspapers to television networks. There are also many opportunities it the New York area to work with large public service and non-profit institutions on information campaigns and media outreach. In addition, the program encourages students to seek Internship positions at institutions such as the United Nations, and other NGO’s, and even in local, community, and public media outlets. New York also boasts a thriving independent and alternative media community and internships can also be done in video and print venues such as: Deep Dish Television, Paper Tiger Television, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, DCTV, and The Nation, among others.

CMGA 6555 Internship Seminar (3) The Internship Seminar should be taken concurrently with the Internship.   Students read texts and lead discussions pertinent to their Internships.


Students will be responsible for filling out the following two forms, which will be provide by the professor when the seminar begins.

1) Internship Record Form
Students must describe their duties in an internship and get signature approval from either the Director of the Graduate Program or the Departmental Chairperson, and return the form at the start of their internship to the Communication Department, (Faculty Memorial Hall, Room 453).

2) Internship Evaluation Form
Your Supervisor at your internship fills out this form. He/She assesses your performance. It should be returned to the Communication Department (Faculty Memorial Hall, Room 453) at the completion of your internship.

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