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Thesis Protocols

For those students interested in experiencing the formal process of an M.A. Thesis, they may work with a Faculty Mentor to complete the thesis. An oral defense with 2 other Faculty Readers is part of the Thesis process, and the Thesis must meet all format requirements. Those who choose the formal M.A. Thesis to complete their degree may enroll in Individual Research to work with their Faculty Member.

The Thesis is complete when both the Mentor and Readers approve the manuscript or approve with minor revisions. It must be submitted to the Mentor and the Readers before the program’s submission date. The student should check with the program Director for program deadlines. After the Thesis has been approved by the committee, the student should prepare and supply to the Thesis and paperwork to the program office.

The following paperwork must be completed for the thesis defense:

•An abstract card to be filled out in proper form
• Report on Thesis Cards to be filled out by Mentor and both Readers.
• Two original copies of Thesis Acceptance Form filled out by Mentor and signed by Readers.

The Thesis itself, generally ranging from 50 to 60 pages, not including auxiliary material such as appendices and bibliography, must be formatted and formally presented to the department:

• Two copies
• Printed on special Fordham Seal bond paper
• Each copy in a binder.

Paper and binders are available in University bookstores. The Thesis form must be filled out by your Thesis Mentor and returned to the Department's Office of Graduate Studies, room 450. It requires your name, the title of your thesis, your date of graduation, the name of your Mentor and the degree you are seeking.

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