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Undergraduate Program

The Department of Communication and Media Studies provides its majors with an interdisciplinary approach to the study of communication, with an emphasis on the media technologies, industries and institutions that support the processes of mediated communication, and their relationship to culture and society. The program blends theory and practice to prepare students for advanced study or careers in communications, all within the context of a rigorous liberal arts education, supplemented by New York City's resources as the media capital of the world.

Curricular Goals
Upon graduation from our major:

• Students will be able to approach communication issues from multiple perspectives: (such as) cultural, economic, historical, linguistic, philosophical, political, psychological and sociological.
• Students will have an understanding of and experience with a variety of mediated and non-mediated forms of communication.
• Students will be experienced in communication praxis (practice informed by and grounded in theoretical understanding).
• Students will have an understanding of the global implications of mediated communication.
• Students will be well-versed in considering the ethical and social justice dimensions of communication issues, and will have a clear understanding of the legal and political issues central to media institutions.

To declare a major or for more information, contact:

Dr. Lance Strate: (Associate Chair, Rose Hill)

Dr. Gwenyth Jackaway: (Associate Chair, Lincoln Center)

For information on Internships, contact:

Dr. Paul Levinson: (Rose Hill)

Dr. Brian Rose: (Lincoln Center)

For information on study abroad, contact:

Dr. Margot Hardenbergh:

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