Fordham University            The Jesuit University of New York

May 2008, No. 3

Benham Jones
Using Aristotle's Definition of Tragedy to Decode Genre in Michael Haneke's Funny Games
Carolyn Walther
Viva La Frontera: Borders, Identity and Art In Three Gregory Nava Films
Robert Pergament
Woodwinds on the Telephone - Late Studies
Mathew Rodriguez
"Skirting" the Issues: The Trials and Travails of Women Travel Writers
Hilary Whitham
Sociology, Gender, and Caste
William Callahan
Sycorax and Sycorax's Blade (In Love with the Same Maid)
Anne W. Lieberman
Slow southern drawls
Photography by Mary Coyle
Issue cover - Jellyfish - Feel the Rage - Sundown, Autumn

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