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May 2014, No. 9

Nota Bene:  There was an error in the in the "About the Authors" section in the biography for Jill Verzino.  Under "Noteworthy" Jill's bio should read:

Jill's interests include painting and drawing, reading and writing poetry, and outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, and kayaking. She is interested in the cultures of the different First Nation tribes in modern America and understanding the injustices they face socially, economically, and environmentally. She hopes to address these issues and educate people through painting in the future.

While we have corrected the error, a small number of uncorrected issues went into circulation.  If you have one of these incorrect issues, email to recieve a corrective insert.  We apologize for this mistake.   

Maria D'Amore
When Imagination Eclipses Reality: Keats Perception of Classical Theories of Mimesis
Allie Russo
from The Margaret Writings
Loreal Lingad
Poems by Loreal Lingad
Melissa DeLuca
To Doubt or Not to Doubt: Cartesian Rationalism
Samuel Redwood
Body Art
Margaret Fisher
Suppressing the Heart of the Matter: Bennetian Thing Power in Virginia Woolf's Waves and Gustave Flaubert's A Simple Heart
Raisa Ahmed
Raisa Ahmed
I Fed you My Love
Lana M Ho-Shing
Water Babies
Kevin Curran
Dead Poems Society
John Turiano
Nella Prigione del Consumismo: La Rappresentazione della Cultura Consumistica in Italo Calvino e Lydmila Petrushevskaya
Julian Morelli
You'll Always Be Like a Brother to Me
Jill Verzino
Navajo Nation
Photography by Molly Shilo and Maria D'Amore

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