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he Minor

To minor in Comparative Literature students need to complete six courses distributed as follows:
COLI 3000-Theories of Comparative Literature. An introduction to theory and methods in comparative literary studies. (ENGL 3045-Theory for English Majors can be substituted for COLI 3000.)
Five elective courses (3000+ level) selected in consultation with the Comparative Literature advisor.
NOTES: THESIS - A thesis is not required of students who minor in Comparative Literature. However, students who wish to write a thesis may opt to do so in their senior year. This option is contingent to the Comparative Literature advisor's recommendation and approval. For information about writing a senior thesis, click here.
  STUDY ABROAD - Students are strongly encouraged to pursue study abroad, normally in their junior year. Students studying abroad for a semester or a year may apply up to three study abroad courses toward the minor.
Download the "Comparative Literature Minor Worksheet" here. If you wish more information, please contact us.

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