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The Comparative Literature Program
Comparative Literature (formerly Literary Studies) is an interdepartmental program that crosses national borders, transcends disciplines, and bridges linguistic divides. Offering both a major and a minor in Comparative Literature, the program encourages students to pursue a wide variety of interests while gaining rigorous training in reading, writing, speaking, and thinking critically in multiple languages and literary traditions. 

The program draws together faculty and students from different fields and diverse backgrounds, placing Comparative Literature at the intersection of literature, art and music, the natural sciences, psychoanalysis, film studies, gender studies, postcolonial studies, translation studies, and much more. Comparative Literature students explore theoretical, formal, and interpretive issues on literary and cultural traditions throughout the world from a broad range of interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives. 

Initiatives of the program include study-abroad options, global outreach opportunities, and NYC-based service learning and internship opportunities. In addition to sponsoring lectures and film series, each year the program hosts a May Colloquium – a roundtable discussion with invited speakers from inside and outside Fordham – and publishes the student journal Bricolage. The program annually awards the Katie Fraser Prize for Excellence in Comparative Literature for majors, and the Literary Studies Prize for Work in Comparative Literature for minors.

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The 2014 Issue of Bricolage is now Available!

Print copies of the 2014 issue of Bricolage are now available in FMH 405 at RH and LL 924 at LC. If you cannot get a copy at these sites, email If you have already picked up a copy, click here for an important note regarding this issue. 

2014 Prize winning Essays AnnounceD.
Congratulations to Pamela Zazzarino, winner of the Katie Fraser Award and Xavier Griffiths, winner of the Literary Studies Prize.

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