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Annie Buckel (FCRH '13) Major: Comparative Literature
Leila Nabizadeh (FCRH '13) Double Major: Comparative Literature and Anthropology
Minor: German
Thomas Sliwowski (FCRH '14) Double Major: Philosophy and Comparative Literature
Kathleen McDonnell (FCRH '14) Double Major: Comparative Literature and Spanish
Pamela Zazzarino (FCRH ’14)       Major: Comparative Literature

Photo of Sogand AfkariOriginally, I intended on declaring one of my majors in English. Until the fateful day when I accidentally came across "Comparative Literature" on a college brochure. I was intrigued by the broad scope of the title and proceeded to research it. A few months later, when I wrote my application for Fordham I proudly identified one of my majors as Comparative Literature. The reason why Comparative Literature is one of my niches is because I do not want to be restricted to a certain culture or language. With this major I've also realized the importance of primary sources and reading a book in its original language. Yes, you may be asked what Comparative Literature is on notable occasions. English majors may gawk at you and other peers may give a puzzled look. However, as long as you're passionate about the rich fundamentals of Comparative Literature, I'm confident you'll be as comfortable with this major as I am.   ~Sogand Ahmadi Afkari

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