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Graduate Student Directory


First Year:
Junwei Chen (email)
Bassem Haikal (email)
Katie Jajtner (email)
Mitali Pradhan (email)
Peiteng Zhai (email)
Zhao Zhao (email)

Second Year:
Donna Mae M. Odra (email)
Jiaming Li (email)
Jian Xiao (email)
Shannon Pullaro (email)

Third Year:

Denghui Chen (email)
Hoolda Kim (email)
Juan Guerra Salas (email)
Joseph Mauro (email)
Viktoriya Konstantinova (email)
Yang Li (email)

Forth Year:
Brandon Pecoraro (email)
Chuan Shi (email)
Jennifer Voitle (email)
John Griffin (email)
Khurram Makhdumi (email)
Ryan Sigler (email) 

Fifth Year and Beyond:
Christian Farchione (email)
Helena Glebocki Keefe (email)

Michael Gallagher (email)
Yunfei Song (email)

Adam Bragar (email)
Allison M. Powell (email)
Angela Solikova (email)
Brian Belen (email)
Caleb Roepe (email)
Daniela Ilea (email)
Frances Adelaide Josef Hernandez (email)
Frank Canovatchel (email)
Franz Sia
Jennifer Lee (email)
Justine Alessandroni (email)
Ginette Carvalho (email)

Hubert Parzecki (email)
Manuel Elias Hernandez(email)
Michael Tavas (email)
Ronald Robert V. Rodrigo (email)


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