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Distinguished Lecture Series Topics

Distinguished Lecture Series Topics

Sponsored by Dominick Salvatore, Distinguished Professor and Director of Ph.D. Program in Economics.

"The Economics of Capitalism" by Edmund Phelps, Professor of Economics, Columbia University and 2006 Nobel Prize in Economics
"What New Economics is Needed for the New Century?" by Paul Samuelson, Professor of Economics, MIT and 1970 Nobel Prize in Economics.

"Forecasting in Economics," by Lawrence Klein, Professor of Economics, University of Pennsylvania and 1978 Nobel Prize in Economics.

"The Euro: Its Implications for the Dollar and the International Monetary System," by Robert Mundell, Columbia University and 1999 Nobel Prize in Economics.

"Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Growth," by William Baumol, Professor of Economics, New York University and Princeton University.

"On the Periphery of the World Dollar Standard," by Ronald I. McKinnon, Professor of Economics, Stanford University.

"Exchange Rate Dynamics," by Rudi Dornbusch, Professor of Economics, MIT.

"Multilateralism versus Regionalism in International Trade," by Jagdish Bhagwati, Professor of Economics, Columbia University.

"Reforms and Restructuring in Russia," by Padma Desai, Professor of Economics, Columbia University.

"Fair Trade for All," by Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University and 2001 Nobel Prize in Economics.

"Current Issues in Financial Market," by John Nash, 1994 Nobel Prize in Economics.

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