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Doctoral Workshop Topics

Doctoral Workshop Topics

Monday, April 16th, 4-5pm
Economics Conference Room, Dealy Hall E-530

 Caitlin Greatrex
“Is the Credit Default Swap Market Efficient?”
 Elitza Mileva
“The Impact of Capital Flows on Domestic Investment in the
Transition Economies”

Monday, November 13th, 3-5pm
Economics Conference Room, Dealy Hall E-503

 Dr. Kwamie Dunbar and Mr. AJ Edwards
"Empirical Analysis of Credit Risk Regime Switching and Time Varying Joint Conditional Default Correlation in Credit Default Swap Valuation"
 Dr. Gwendolyn Alexander Tedeschi
"Beyond the Subsidy:  Coyotes, Credit, and Fair Trade Coffee"

Monday, October 30 th , 3-5pm
Economics Conference Room, Dealy Hall 503

Liu Liu
" Understanding China's Banking Reforms: Nonperforming Loans and Opening Up "
Plamen Nikolov
"Links between Currency Exchange Fluctuations and Banking System Fragility.   Evidence from Forty Emerging Markets"
Yongli Zhang
"The Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate of RMB: the NATREX Approach"

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