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Lecture Series And Doctoral Workshop Schedule
The Economics Department strives to expose graduate students to current developments in economics.  To that end the department hosts various lecture series' inviting economists to discuss current economic events and we have recently extended to include Docotral Workshops.  Students therefore have the opportunity to interact with economists from various regions and with diverse interests.

The Distinguished Lecture Series

Sponsored by Dominick Salvatore, Distinguished Professor and Director of Ph.D. Program in Economics.

The Distinguished Lecture Series draws from the expertise of economists who provide valuable insights into current developments in the fields of international, development, and financial economics.      

Guest Speakers

The Economics Department Lecture Series

The Economics Department Lecture Series invites scholars to address current areas of economic research.

Guest Speakers

The Alumni Lecture Series

The Alumni Lecture Series allows current students to benefit from the post-graduation experiences of former graduate economics students and provides students with an excellent networking opportunity. Alumni from the fields of academia, business and government share their experiences with respect to the job market as well as their current research interests.

Guest Speakers

The Doctoral Workshops
The doctoral workshop has been designed so that the Economics Graduate Students and Faculty have the opportunity to share their working papers.   This has been established to promote academic discussion and for graduate students to receive feedback on their working papers. 

Past Presentations

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