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Discussion Papers 2014

Fordham Economics Discussion Paper Series 2014

2014-01 Debra L. Brucker, Sophie Mitra, Navena Chaitoo and Joseph Mauro More likely to be poor whatever the measure: persons with disabilities in the U.S.
2014-02 Juan F. Guerra-Salas The Reaction of Government Spending to the Business Cycle: Some International Evidence
2014-03 Erick W. Rengifo, Emanuela Trifan and Rossen Trendafilov Investors Facing Risk: Prospect Theory and Non-Expected Utility in Portfolio Selection
2014-04 Erick W. Rengifo, Emanuela Trifan and Rossen Trendafilov The Individually Accepted Loss
2014-05 Sophie Mitra and Debra Brucker Poverty and Disadvantage through a Multidimensional Lens in the United States
2014-06 Helena Glebocki Keefe and Erick W. Rengifo Options and Central Banks Currency Market Intervention: The Case of Colombia
2014-07 Utteeyo Dasgupta, Lata Gangadharan, Pushkar Maitra and Subha Mani De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum: An Experimental Investigation
2014-08 Uluc Aysun and Ralf Hepp A Comparison of the Internal and External Determinants of Global Bank Loans: Evidence from Bilateral Cross-Country Data

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