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Incoming Graduate Students

All incoming students are encouraged to attend Math Camp in August before classes start.  Students who do not attend Math Camp are still responsible for the material that will be covered there; professors will assume in classes that students are familiar with it.

Math Camp

Course Objective

The primary objective of this course is to provide incoming graduate students with the mathematical foundations necessary for the first year sequence of theory and econometric courses. Your success in our program depends on how comfortable you are with the needed mathematical tools.
This course is designed on the presumption that students will have already been exposed to the majority of this material in previous studies. Thus the scope of the material to be covered is much larger than one would encounter in an ordinary mathematics course.

Who Should Take this Course?

Every incoming graduate student (MA and PhD) is strongly encouraged to take this course.  There is no charge for taking the course.  If you do not take this course, you may find the first year courses significantly more difficult than your classmates and thus risk falling behind. You are responsible for knowing the material contained in this syllabus prior to your graduate studies in Fall whether or not you attend Math Camp.

For more detailed information on the upcoming (or most recent) Math Camp, please click here.

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