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Economics draws upon history, political science, philosophy and mathematics to analyze topics ranging from how firms, consumers and governments make sound decisions to societal issues such as unemployment, discrimination, inflation, crime and environmental decay. It is a challenging discipline which offers students a clear and concise way of thinking about the ordinary business of life and a preparation for a wide array of professional careers. Alumni surveys indicate that over fifty percent of the majors from Fordham College at Rose Hill continue their education at some point in their lives. Of these, thirty-four percent receive degrees in law and thirty percent complete an M.B.A. Others pursue an M.A. or a Ph.D. in economics, education or public affairs.

Students majoring in economics can design a program of studies that will prepare them for graduate studies in economics, international affairs, public affairs, business or law or for directly entering the labor force. Students who plan to work after graduation from Fordham College will find that many job recruiters are favorably impressed by students who have selected this challenging liberal arts discipline. Majors find careers in academics; corporate business, including retailing; financial and consulting services; and the public sector.

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