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The economics major in Fordham College offers students the opportunity to develop a clear and concise way of analyzing a wide range of issues. The discipline draws from history, philosophy, political science and mathematics.  It helps prepare students for a wide array of professional careers. Good teaching is a top priority of the Economics Department. Class size is kept small.  Required, as well as several monetary, financial and international courses are offered each semester.

The economics program at Fordham College consists of an analytical core with area studies in international economics, development economics, monetary economics, financial economics, economics and law,  and public sector economics. This wide array of courses provides students the opportunity to select a program of studies which develops their analytical abilities and prepares them for diverse careers in business, finance, education and the public sector.

Fordham's Rose Hill Campus is an 18-minute ride on Metro North to mid-town Manhattan. The Lincoln Center campus thrives in the center of Manhattan, minutes away from Wall Street by subway.  Our locations in New York City enables a student's educational experience to transcend the classroom through speakers on campus, trips to the financial district and internships. Most economics majors will have had an internship in the private or public sector prior to graduation. A sampling of recent internships includes:A.G Edwards & Sons, Investments /brokerage;The ASTEC Consulting Group, Inc.; Citigroup, Interactive Marketing; HSBC Securities Inc., Treasury Credit; Merrill Lynch, Office of General Counsel; U.S. Sixth Federal District Court with Chief Judge Sandra S. Beckwith. See Internships.

Economics majors with a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 and an index in economics courses of 3.3 or greater are invited to participate in the Honors Program in Economics. Students who participate in the program must write a research paper in economics and complete the course requirements for the program, which include a year of statistics and mathematics for economists  (Honors Program in Economics).  Highly qualified students should also consider the five year BA/MA program that allows students to begin their course work towards an MA in Economics in their senior year of college (BA/MA Program).

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