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Economics Honors Program

The Economics Honors Program

Economic majors in Fordham College with an overall GPA of at least 3.2 and an index in economics courses of 3.3 or better qualify for the Honors Program. Eligible students must take both Statistical Decision Making and Mathematics for Economists I.  These indexes must be maintained through completion of senior year in order to receive honors in economics.

Honors students must complete a research paper, due in the tenth week of their final semester. The student selects a mentor with whom he/she will work throughout the senior year.   Ideally, a topic for the paper will be developed during the second semester of the student's junior year, but no later than the fall semester of the senior year.  In the final semester of the senior year, the student must enroll for ECRU4998 Honors Seminar in Economics for one credit.  The mentor and two readers evaluate the paper on a pass/fail basis.  The student does not have to defend orally the paper but may be asked to do revisions.

When the paper is accepted, the student will receive one credit for the Honors Seminar. Graduation "with honors in economics" will appear on the student's transcipt.

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