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Requirements for Major

Requirements for the Economics Major

Click here to download a copy of the Economic Major's checklist for Rose Hill majors.

The economics major consists of eleven courses:
  • ECON 1100 Basic Macroeconomics
  • ECON 1200 Basic Microeconomics
  • ECON 2140 Statistics I
  • ECON 2142 Statistical Decision Making
  • ECON 3154 Mathematics for Economics
  • ECON 3116 Macroeconomic Analysis
  • ECON 3118 Microeconomic Theory
  • Four Economics electives

Basic Macroeconomics and Basic Microeconomics not only satisfy the economics major, but also fulfill the social science requirement in Fordham College.  In addition,  Statistics I, Basic Macroeconomics and Basic Microeconomics provide three of the seven courses required for a minor in Business Administration in Fordham College and one required course for the minor in Accounting  from Fordham College.

The Global distributive requirement of Fordham College can be fulfilled by ECON 3210 The Economics of Emerging Nations, ECON 3240 World Povery, ECON 3242 Global Economic Issues, ECON 3235 Economics of Latin America or ECON 3270 Emerging Financial Markets.  The American Pluralism distributive requirement can be satisfied by taking ECON 3580 The Economics of Diversity or ECON 3570 Labor Market and Diversity. The Senior Value Seminar requirement can be satisfied by completing ECON 4110 Ethics and Economics.  These courses also count towards the major.

Students who complete Statistics I and Statistical Secision Making may certainly select Math for Economists as an elective.  Students considering the Honors Program in Economics must take Math for Economists as well as Statistical Decision Making. Those interested in the accelerated BA/MA program are advised to take Math for Economists in the fall of their junior year.

Students who are interested in Applied Econometrics may take ECGA6910 Applied Econometrics in the spring semester of their senior year.  Such students must successfully complete Statistics I, Statistical Decision Making, Math for Economists and obtain departmental permission.

Note that evening courses taught at Lincoln Center or in the College of Liberal Studies at Rose Hill are NOT accepted towards the major for Rose Hill day students.  The exception to this rule is summer courses may be taken at Lincoln Center.  Students in the College of Liberal Studies at Rose Hill or Lincoln Center have the same course requirements for the major as Fordham College students.  They may take evening courses.

Prof. Mary Burke
Associate Chair, Rose Hill
Dealy E508
Prof. Janis Barry
Associate Chair, Lincoln Center
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