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BA Program in IPE

The International Political Economy Major

The International Political Economy Major (IPE) explores the nature and complexities of our increasingly interdependent and politicized global economy from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students who complete the major will receive training in political, economic, and quantitative analysis as well as an introduction to other cultures and the opportunity to use their electives to further specialize their studies according to their interests. Available specializations include foreign language study and global business.
Many students will be able to use the major to prepare for employment with banks, businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations concerned with the global economy. Other students can use the International Political Economy (IPE) Major to prepare for graduate and professional training in Law, Business Administration, Economics, Political Science, and International Affairs.

Because of its rigor, the International Political Economy (IPE) Major is open only to students of Fordham College at Rose Hill who have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better when they declare their major.The major in International Political Economy (IPE) is administered by The Graduate Program in International Political Economy and Development (IPED). IPED is an affiliate member of the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA).

Requirements for the IPE Major

The major in International Political Economy (IPE) consists of 8 required core courses and 4 elective courses. Students who wish to have a strong background in both a foreign language and in global business should seriously consider combining the IPE major with a double minor in language and in business. There is ample double counting to make this combination possible. Four out of the six courses required for a language minor can count as electives toward the IPE major and three IPE Core Courses (ECRU 1100 Basic Macroeconomics, ECRU 1200 Basic Microeconomics, and ECRU 2140 Statistics I) can count toward the business minor.


A student must complete the following 2 core courses in political science, 3 core courses in economics, 1 core course in anthropology, and 2 core courses in quantitative analysis for a total of 8 required core courses.

Political Science Core

    * PORU 2501 Introduction to International Politics
    * PORU 3915 International Political Economy (or PORU 2502 Analysis of International Politics)

Economics Core

    * ECRU 1100 Basic Macroeconomics
    * ECRU 1200 Basic Microeconomics
    * ECRU 3244 International Economic Policy

  Anthropology Core

    * ANRG 3351 Comparative Cultures

 Quantitative Core

    * ECRU 2140 Statistics I
    * ECRU 2142 Statistical Decision Making


Four elective courses must be chosen from one of the tracks below. Appropriate internships and study abroad opportunities can also be counted as electives. Some courses taken with study aboard can also count toward the IPE core with the permission of the Director.

General Elective Track -- Any four international courses chosen from anthropology, economics, history, modern foreign languages (numbered 1501 and higher), political science, or sociology.

Foreign Language Elective Track -- Four courses in the same modern foreign language numbered 1501 and higher.
Global Business Track -- students who complete this track will also have enough credits to be designated for employment as an economist with the US federal government.

    * ACCB 2222 Financial Accounting
    * ACCB 2223 Managerial Accounting
    * Any two International Economics courses.

Sample Plan of IPE Courses

Be sure to see your academic advisor to learn how to incorporate a minor in business and/or language. It is recommended that study abroad be done in the Spring Semester of Junior Year.

Freshmen Year, Fall Semester
Freshmen Year, Spring Semester
    * ECRU 1200 Basic Microeconomics (or ECRU 1100 Basic Macroeconomics)

Sophomore Year, Fall Semester
    * ECRU 1100 Basic Macroeconoics
(or ECRU 1200 Basic Microeconomics)
Sophmore Year, Spring Semester
    * ECRU 2140 Statistics I
    * ANRG 3351 Comparative Cultures

Junior Year, Fall Semester
    * PORU 2501 Intro to  International Politics
    * ECRU 2142 Statistical Decision Making
Junior Year, Spring Semester
    * ECRU 3244 International Economic Policy
    * PORU 3915 International Political Economy
    (or PORU 2502 Analysis of International Politics)
(These courses are done in the Spring Semester of Senior Year if you do
a semester abroad at this time.  Spring Semester of Junior Year is
usually the best time to do a Study Abroad Program.)

Senior Year, Fall Semester
    * IPE Elective
    * IPE Elective
Senior Year, Spring Semester
    * IPE Elective (Senior Values Seminar)
    * IPE Elective

For more information contact:

Prof. Greg Winczewski
The Major in International Political Economy
Dealy Hall, Room 117A
Fordham University
Bronx, New York 10458

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