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BA Program in Mathematics/Economics

Mathematics/Economics Program

This major, offered jointly by the departments of economics and mathematics, is designed to give the student an excellent background in modern economic analysis and a solid grounding in those mathematical disciplines necessary  for a full understanding of economic analysis.  Because it both demands and fosters careful reasoning as well as facility with abstract formulations of problem situations, it is an apt pre-law program.  Its high degree of difficulty makes it attractive to business recruiters and it is particularly appropriate for graduate studies in economics, business and other applied quantitative fields.

Required Courses

ECRU1100 Basic Macroeconomics

ECRU1200 Basic Microeconomics

ECRU3166 Macroeconomics Analysis

ECRU3118 Microeconomic Theory

MTRU1207 Calculus 2

MTRU1700 Mathematical Modeling

MTRU2004 Multivariate Calculus 1

MTRU2001 Discrete Mathematics

MTRU 2006 Linear Algebra 1

Each student must also fulfill a statistics requirement by completing one of the two sequences:

Probability (MTRU3006) and Statistics (MTRU3007) or

Statistics I (ECRU2140) and Statistical Decision Making (ECRU2142)

Elective Courses

Four electives in mathematics (numbered above 2000) or economics are required.  At least one of the four must be in mathematics and one in economics.


Prof. T. Tassier
Dept. of Economics
or Prof. Chris Poor
Dept. of Mathematics

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