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Five Year BA/MA Program in Economics

Five Year BA/MA Program in Economics

The five year BA/MA program in Economics allows selected Economics majors to obtain both their BA and MA degrees in five years.  The advanced training that these students receive in economics will better prepare them for careers as economists in both the private and government sectors.  Besides obtaining advanced skills in economic analysis, these students will also be able to specialize in the fields of development economics, financial economics, monetary economics and/or international economics.

During the senior year, the student will take ECON 5710 Mathematics for Economists I in the fall semester and ECON 6910 Applied Econometrics in the spring semester.  This sequence of courses will give the undergraduate a solid background in foundational skills that can be used for further graduate studies either here at Fordham or at another university.  These two graduate courses count as two of the five undergraduate electives necessary for the undergraduate economics major (Note: ECON 5710 does not substitute for the undergraduate course ECON 3154 Math for Economists I which is a requirement for the Econ BA; we therefore advise students who are planning to apply for the five year BA/MA to take ECON 3154 before their senior year).

During the fifth year of study, the student will take ECON 6010 Price Theory I and three graduate economics elective courses in the fall semester.  While in the spring semester, the student will take ECON 6020 Macroeconomics I and three additional graduate economics elective courses.  The comprehensive examination, which is based primarily on ECON 6010 and ECON 6020, will be taken in June.

Who Qualifies
This BA/MA Economics Program is open to undergraduates who are majoring in economics and who have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or better.  Students who qualify should speak with Dr. Burke or Dr. Hepp at the end of their junior year.  To continue in the program into the fifth year, the student must apply during his/her junior year for the Economics MA program through the Graduate Admissions Office.  To be accepted into the MA program, the requirement for GRE scores is waived, but the student must have received grades of B or better in both ECON 5710 and ECON 6910.  Students who wish to enter the PhD program, however, must submit GRE scores.  Graduate financial aid is normally available only for PhD students.  Students entering either the MA or PhD program will receive an advanced standing of six credits for the two undergraduate courses taken during the senior year.


Prof. Mary Burke                                                    Prof. Ralf Hepp
Associate Chair of Undergraduate Economics            Associate Chair of Graduate Economics
Dealy E-508                                                          Dealy E-525                                  

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