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DEPARTMENT Administration
Rose Hill Campus
Room 541W, Dealy Hall
441 East Fordham Road
Bronx NY 10458
RH Main Office Phone: 718-817-4033
Graduate Main Office Phone: 718-817-4029
Fax: 718-817-4010
Chair:        Glenn Hendler 718-817-4007 536W
Senior Executive Secretary:        Ayla Syed 718-817-4005 541W
English Department Secretary:        Carole Alvino 718-817-4033 541W
Director, Creative Writing:        Sarah Gambito 718-817-4031 541W
Director, Writing Program, Rose Hill:        Moshe Gold 718-817-4008 533W
Associate Chair, Rose Hill:        Daniel Contreras 718-817-4026 516W
Director, Graduate Studies:        Edward Cahill 718-817-4017 511W
Director Graduate Placement & Prof'l. Dev.:        John Bugg 718-817-4011 532W
Graduate Program & Web Administrator:        Martine Stern 718-817-4029 525W
RH Writing Center:        Anthony Brano N/A N/A

Lincoln Center Campus
Room 924, Leon Lowenstein Building
113 West 60th Street
New York NY 10023
LC Main Office Fax: 212-636-7153
Associate Chair, Lincoln Center:      Sarah Zimmerman 212-636-7229 913B
Executive Administrative Assistant:      Peggy Cuskley 212-636-7461 924
Director, Writing Program, Lincoln Center:      Anne Fernald 212-636-5613 921B
Sr. Secretary:      Kerri Maguire 212-636-6381 924
Poets Out Loud (POL): 212-636-6792 924I
LC Writing Center:       Kate Nash N/A  N/A 
Alumni Dissertation Fellow:      Adair, Allison
Adjunct:      Appels, John
Teaching Fellow:    Baynes, Felisa
Senior Teaching Fellow:     Beskin, Anna
Adjunct:      Brandt, Chris
Senior Teaching Fellow:      Brano, Anthony
Teaching Fellow:     Bressler, Malkah
Teaching Fellow:     Bruso, Steven
Teaching Fellow:      Burrell, Vernita
Teaching Fellow:     Butzner, Alexis
Teaching Fellow:      Carpenter, Leslie
Teaching Fellow:     Chenovick, Clarissa
Adjunct:      Clemente, Alfred
Teaching Associate:      DaCosta, Erica
Teaching Fellow:     D'Agostino, Anthony
Adjunct:      Darling, Gregory
Adjunct:      Duhig, Christina
Adjunct:      Ehrenberg, Erica
Adjunct:      Eng, Alvin
Teaching Fellow:     Fenton, William
Teaching Fellow:      Fifelski, Julie
Research Fellow:      Foley, Tara
Teaching Associate:      Furtado, Christina
Adjunct:      Goldberg, Linda
Adjunct:      Goodman, Victor
Adjunct:      Grayson, Richard
Adjunct:      Greeney, Laura
Teaching Associate:      Grisafi, Patricia
Teaching Fellow:     Hagood, Caroline
Adjunct:      Hallberg, Garth
Teaching Fellow:     Harris, Sharon
Teaching Fellow:     Hiilliard, Rachael
Teaching Associate:      Hopwood, Mahlika
Teaching Fellow:     Hurwitz, Melissa
Teaching Fellow:     Johnstone, Boyda
Adjunct:      June, Rebecca
Administrator:      Kavros, Harry
Teaching Associate:      Leporati, Matthew
Adjunct:       McCoy,Janice
Teaching Associate:     Monsam, Angela
Teaching Fellow:      Moore, Richard
Teaching Fellow:      Murray, Peter
Senior Teaching Fellow:      Nash, Kate
Senior Teaching Fellow:      Navarro, Lauren
Teaching Associate:     Northrop, Martin
Adjunct:     Obey, Erica
Administrator:     O'Donnell, Angela
Teaching Associate:     Bang, Daniel
Teaching Fellow:     Pedersen, David
    Teaching Fellow:     Porter, Elizabeth
Teaching Fellow:     Pottroff, Christy
Alumni Dissertation Fellow:      Quinsland, Kirk
Teaching Associate: Rees, Beth
Teaching Associate:     Romeo, Nina
Adjunct:      Rubin, Lawrence
Teaching Fellow:     Sabalis, Samantha
Teaching Associate:      Spain-Savage, Christi
Adjunct:      Spector, Sheila
Administrator:     Stone, Kara
Teaching Fellow:      Stuchiner, Judith
Teaching Fellow:      Thompson, Owen
Adjunct:      Thompson, Spurgeon
Teaching Fellow:      Van Wyck, James
Adjunct:      Walker, Christian
Adjunct:      Weiss, Elyssa
Reseach Fellow:     Windholz, Jordan
Teaching Associate:     Wolf, Jonathan
Programs of Study in Related Disciplines
  African & African American Studies
  American Studies
  Communication & Media Studies
  Comparative Literature
  Creative Writing
  Latin American & Latino Studies
  MFA in Playwriting
  Medieval Studies
  Women's Studies
Fordham University Schools with English Programs
  Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH)
FCRH Admissions: 718-817-4000
  Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC)
FCLC Admissions: 212-636-6710
PCS Admissions at Rose Hill: 718-817-2600
PCS Admissions at Lincoln Center: 212-636-7333
  Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GSAS)
GSAS Admissions: 718-817-4416

Graduate Student Association
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  Media Services
  Technology Services

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