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Sept 18-20: Rethinking Realist Acting: A Symposium

Sept 10: Inaugural Lecture - Maria Farland on Emily Dickinson

Mullarkey Forum Highlights Faculty Research

Transcription/Translation: Toward a New Work of Performance Highlights

April 16: Voices Up! Concert

April 11: Sheila Spector on The Evolution of Blake's Myth

April 10: Sianne Ngai on Literary Gimmicks

April 10: Final Jeopardy! Writing Center Workshop

April 9: DH + Pedagogy Working Group

April 7: Fr. John Boyd Day - Poetry & Pizza

April 2: Jean Franco on Cruel Modernity

March 11: Rose Hill WC Workshop - This is Jeopardy!


March 7: 3:00 pm Deadline Writing Prizes Submission

Nov. 21: Graduate Program Open House

Nov. 21: Rose Hill Writing Workshop

Nov. 19: Keats, Interrupted with John Mulrooney

Nov. 19: Graduate Writing Workshop

Nov. 14: Voices Up! Presents The PUBLIQuartet

Nov. 12: Assignments and Architecture - Brian Croxall

Nov. 7: Wojciech Malecki - Graduate Student Workshop

Oct. 24: Rose Hill Writing Center Workshop

Arthur Marotti - "Shakespeare, Tyrannicide, and the Papal Deposing Power"

Jan. 28 - Donald Pease Conversation & Lecture

Dec. 5 - Chris Castigila - Melville's Cold War Allegories and the Politics of Reading

Annual Graduate Symposiums

GEA Conferences

2009 Woolf and the City

2009 Romanticism's Cultures of Performance

Innovation and Evolution - 2008 Annual GEA Conference

Responding to Student Writing - October 4, 2007

2007 Musical Meaning and Human Values: A Colloquium with Lawrence Kramer

2003 NassrNYC

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