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Early Admission - Master of Arts (Fordham B.A.-M.A.)

Early Admission – Master of Arts (Fordham B.A.-M.A.)

This program offers qualified FCRH, FCLC and PCS undergraduate students the opportunity to apply for admission to earn their English bachelor's and master's degrees in 5 years, as compared to the 6 years of study that are normally required. 

Those who are accepted for early admission to the Master's (M.A.) in English begin their master's studies at the start of their undergraduate senior year and continue with one additional year of graduate study. 

Undergraduate seniors usually take a total of three 5000-level graduate courses during their final two undergraduate semesters. With special permission from the Graduate Director, distinguished students may take a fourth course. These three courses count toward both a student’s undergraduate and graduate degrees, meeting the English major bachelor's degree requirements while beginning the fulfillment of the master's level degree requirements with the 9 graduate credits earned. The completion of the remaining 21 credits (7 courses) and remaining requirements are then to be accomplished within one additional calendar year after receiving the bachelor's degree. Interested students may review specific degree requirements under Degrees in English for the M.A..

Though there is no guarantee of receiving an invitation to apply for admission or of admission to the program, students may express their interest by contacting their Undergraduate Dean, the Director of Graduate Studies, or the Graduate Administrator in English.

Early each Spring semester, the English Graduate Director meets with the undergraduate program heads to select second semester juniors to receive an invitation to apply for early admission to the Master's in English Degree Program. In order to qualify for invitation, students must have a minimum 3.5 overall grade point average and at least a B+ in their English courses.

After receiving an invitation, applicants must formally indicate their desire to matriculate into the M.A. program by submitting an application to GSAS admissions. Though the GRE is not required for the early admission application, all of the other materials specified under the GSAS Requirements are required. However, students who plan to apply for financial aid after completion of their first year in the graduate program (and completion of their B.A. degree) should note that the GRE is required and should plan to take the exam accordingly.

Once the application is reviewed and returned with a decision to Admissions, and the Graduate Dean has approved it, students will receive a letter from GSAS indicating whether or not they have been accepted. 

Upon admission, students will then qualify for graduate course credits and should consult with their respective Undergraduate Dean, as well as the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) and Graduate Administrator for pre-registration advising.

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