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Graduate Degrees in English

There are two Graduate Degree Programs in English: a fully funded Ph.D. Program and a Master of Arts in literature.

In addition to the admission requirements listed by GSAS, the Graduate English Department requires that applicants who apply to the doctoral degree program have their master's degree completed and awarded by the end of their first semester as a doctoral student. Students who wish to continue on to the doctorate from the master's will need to apply towards the end of their master's studies. For applicants interested in the master's program, the department will consider those whose undergraduate degrees are in disciplines other than English.

We have an aggressive job placement program, and a very high percentage of our doctoral alumni have received tenure-track positions.
All Ph.D. students are fully funded and attend the program on a full-time basis. The funding package for the majority of our doctoral students includes a tuition waiver and a stipend of $21,800 per year (as of 2012). However, doctoral students who are awarded one of the university’s incoming or advanced Prestigious Fellowships receive a tuition waiver and an annual stipend between $25,000 and $28,000. Summer and year-long dissertation, teaching and research fellowships as well as research support travel and dissertation grants are also available on a competitive basis.

Some fellowships are available at the M.A. level as well. The M.A. funding package includes a full tuition waiver and a stipend of $21,800 per year (as of 2012). Research support travel grants are also available on a competitive basis.

Particulars on each degree program, including curricula and requirements, may be viewed by selecting from the menu on the left.

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