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Admission from the Fordham M.A. to the Ph.D.

Admission from the English Master's Programs to the Ph.D.

Students who complete the Master of Arts or Master of Arts with a Writing Concentration (Master's) degree are not automatically accepted into Fordham's Ph.D. program. The Fordham English Department's Ph.D. program is fully funded and, therefore, highly competitive. No part-time students are accepted; all students receive a fellowship package for five years and are eligible to teach courses as teaching associates thereafter. Fordham Master's students should recognize that while they have a possibility of admission, given the department’s knowledge of their work to date, they must apply to other Ph.D. programs as well.

We cannot and do not accept all qualified students, and decisions are often based on external factors, such as balancing incoming student interests among the historical periods.

Master's students who wish to continue to the Ph.D. should review the Applying to Graduate Degree Programs in English web page and plan their application process accordingly. Master's students seeking admission to the Doctoral program must then fill out an official online application form through the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GSAS) Admissions website. The application form and all materials must be completed and submitted by the GSAS deadline. There is no fee for this application for current Master's students who have maintained continuous matriculation.

Please note that all Ph.D. applications must include both GRE general and GRE subject test (in English) scores; Master's students hoping for admission to the Ph.D. program must make sure that their applications will be complete by the GSAS deadline. No exceptions will be made for Fordham Master's students.

Master's students may also request to meet with the Graduate Director to discuss whether other materials, such as written recommendations from faculty within the department, might be useful to support his or her application.

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