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A Master's degree in English is required for acceptance into the English Doctoral program at Fordham. All Ph.D. students are funded by the university and must make a full-time commitment to their studies. Students in the Doctoral program specialize in a given historical period or tradition and receive intensive pedagogy/practicum training in order to become successful instructors at the university level. In fact, many of our Doctoral alumni have received tenure track positions.

Students must complete ten (10) courses (30 credits) beyond the Master's degree, two courses (0 credits) or examinations for reading knowledge of two foreign languages, successfully pass a Ph.D. comprehensive examination, and complete a dissertation and oral dissertation defense.
Of the ten courses, three are mandatory: Research Methods, Critical Theory, and the Teaching Practicum.
Research Methods must be taken in the first semester of the first year. The Teaching Practicum begins in the second semester of the second year. Apart from these requirements, Ph.D. students may begin to specialize as early as they wish, keeping in mind the particular range of knowledge they will need both for the dissertation and for the Ph.D. comprehensive exams.

Although there are no formal distribution requirements, all Ph.D. students must take courses to satisfy the five historical area requirements for the Fordham M.A. that they did not take in their own M.A. coursework. Non-Fordham graduate literature courses taken at the M.A. level may be approved to count towards the five historical areas requirements, and similar non-Fordham courses in Critical Theory may be counted, subject to review by the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) and through completion and submission of the departmental waiver form.

Normally, Ph.D. students do not take Creative Writing courses, and they are not allowed to do so in their first year. If, in their second year, they determine that taking a Creative Writing course is consistent with their intellectual and professional goals, they may enroll in one only after obtaining the written permission of their adviser.

Students are responsible for the planning and completion of any outstanding coursework.

Doctoral students have 8 years to complete all of the requirements for the degree. Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress including a minimum 3.5 GPA and maintenance of continuous enrollment.
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