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Ph.D. Time to Degree

The Doctorate: Time to Degree

Time Limit for Completion

All Ph.D. students are funded by the university and must make a full-time commitment to their studies. Doctoral students have 8 years to complete all of the requirements for the degree. However, because completing the Ph.D. in a timely manner is important for job market success, not to mention financial well-being, we encourage students to make timely progress and complete the Doctoral degree within 6 years. 

The Ideal Timeline for Completing the Ph.D.
Year 1    Fall: 3 courses (9 credits), including Research Methods
  Spring: 3 courses (9 credits), including Intro to Theory
  Summer: Language (0 credits)
Year 2 Fall: 3 courses (9 credits)
  Spring: First Part of Teaching Practicum and the
Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam
  Summer: Language (0 credits)
Year 3 Fall: Second Part of Teaching Practicum / Proposal Development
  Spring: Proposal Acceptance / Work on Dissertation
Year 4 Fall: Work on Dissertation
  Spring: Work on Dissertation
Year 5 Fall: Work on Dissertation
  Spring: Work on Dissertation
Year 6: Complete Dissertation / Oral Defense / Submit Written Dissertation
  • The Ph.D. comprehensive exam will not be certified by GSAS until all requirements are met, including the languages and the Teaching Practicum.
  • Students should refer to the GSAS Guidebook, GSAS Tuition & Fees, and the Current Students section for specific GSAS and English department policies and procedures.

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