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Don’t let lack of experience hold you back after graduation.  20% of graduating seniors with jobs received these jobs through internships.  Internships provide hands-on experience and can help to steer you on the path to a successful career choice.

How to Apply
1st Step
Go to Career Services and look through the internship binders.
Hours are 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Lincoln Center:  Lowenstein 8th Floor, Room, 212-636-6280
Rose Hill:  McGinley Center, Room 224, 718-817-4350

2nd Step
Speak with a Career Services staff member. 
They have personal contacts at many companies.  Ask them to look over your resume and cover letter. They are experts in successful internship applications.

3rd Step
Register and post your resume on job sites; view and respond to postings.
Participate in the  On-Campus Internship  Interviewing Program.
Submit an Internship Placement Form to your campus Career Services center.

Tips for Success
Conduct your own research and networking. Whom do you know?  What connections do you have?  Fall and Spring semester internships are less competitive than summer internships.  Big magazines like Cosmopolitan don't always fill all their slots for the Spring.  Browse through sites  and respond to jobs for which you qualify and apply for some that might be a stretch.
[internships and jobs]
[for media--look under jobs]
[great for editors--under Ed On Campus]
[just what it sounds like]
[film and TV production resources]
[journalism, media and publishing]

Sample Internships
English majors have interned at:

Time  Warner
Comedy Central
The  Book Group
Sports  Illustrated
Rolling Stone
Art + Auction
Cherry Lane Theatre
CO-ED Magazine
Fox News Channel
Harper Collins
J. Walter Thompson
Maxim Magazine
MovieMaker Magazine
National Football League
O, The Oprah Magazine
The New York Times
Simon & Schuster
Time Warner Book Group
Waxman Literary Agency
The Wendy Weil Agency, Inc.
Ziff Davis Media Inc.

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