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Student Club (Students For Environmental Awareness and Justice)

Students For Environmental Awareness and Justice (SEAJ)

Earth Day, Eddy's Parade, Rose Hill

SEAJ President, Ani Esenyan, FCRH Junior, Environmental Policy Major

SEAJ is sponsored by Environmental Studies.
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Mission Statement
As the Students for Environmental Awareness and Justice (SEAJ), we seek to interact with Fordham students, administration, the greater Bronx community, and NYC as a whole, in order to promote sustainability, environmental consciousness and activism in our urban environment. We seek to promote mutually beneficial relationships among the aforementioned groups through open dialogue, community service and outreach, sustainability-minded social events and environmental policy advocacy.

As a group, SEAJ is dedicated to environmental activism, awareness and justice.  Each meeting we will discuss our upcoming activities as well as a news minute.  Our news minute will be presented by a student volunteer who will provide an article of a relevant and recent environmental topic in the news, that will lead to a follow up group discussion about the topic.  Our activities will include activist excursions to protests, demonstrations and town hall meetings held in New York City and the Bronx.  In the area of service, SEAJ will plan trips such as park clean-up and garden planting.  Additionally, SEAJ will be hosting an Earth Week Fair on the Rose Hill campus in April.  Throughout the year there will be collaborations between the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center Environmental clubs.

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