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Student Research Program

student research Program
The program strongly encourages original research in courses, internships, study abroad and the senior thesis, as well as presentation of research at the annual April Undergraduate Research Symposium and publication in the Fordham Undergraduate Research Journal. Students can apply for research grants up to $5800.00 (plus housing) for academic year, summer, or study abroad research projects in the Undergraduate Research Program. Research and publication is a rewarding personal educational experience, and strong research skills documented in a resume significantly strengthen employment and graduate school applications.

Fordham Fall/Spring Undergraduate Research Grants (during the academic year). Up to $1500 to fund a research project which may involve an internship. Deadlines: October 2012, February 2013.

Fordham Summer Undergraduate Research Grants in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Up to $1500.00 to fund a research project which may involve an internship. Deadline: April 2013.

Summer Science Research Internships. Up to $5800.00 (plus housing if needed) to fund a research project.

Following is a selection of past and current research projects by environmental studies students.
Senior Theses, Class of 2013

Sarah Geuss, Wasting Plates: Addressing Food Waste in the United States

Samir Hafez, Too Pig to Fail: Considering Regulatory Solutions to the Environmental Damages Caused by Industrial Hog Farms in North Carolina

Donald Borenstein, A Vicious CERCLA, Or The Twilight of the Superfund

Gentiana Quni, Composting Food Waste: A Method That Can Improve Soil Quality and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Karianne Rivera, Assessment of Impact of Socioeconomic Factors on Conservation Awareness in the Tarangire-Manyara Ecosystem

Alyson Murphy, Our Failing Food System: Productivity Versus Sustainability

David Garcia, Giving Back to the Community: Addressing the Environmental Literacy Gap Through Socially and Environmentally Responsible Business Practices

Eric Osuna, Exploring the Drivers of CSR and Creating a Sustainable Corporate Institution: Environmental Education, Politics, and Business Practices

Jonathan Hilburg, Sandy and the City: The Need for Coastal Policy Reform

Emily Kain, Drilling for Arctic Oil: Is it Worth the Risk?

Anna Kobara, The Pedestrianization of New York City: An Environmental History and Critique of Urban Motorization and A Look at New York City’s New Era of Planning

Alexander Williams, Trash Talk: Solid Waste Disposal in New York City

John Byrne, Saving the World’s Remaining Tigers: Panthera’s Work and the Role of Non-Profits in Wildlife Conservation

Jessica Crowley, New York City’s Water Challenges: History, Politics, and Design

Julia Maguire, Hurricane Sandy: Using Environmental History, Economics, Politics and Urban Planning to Prepare For the Next One

Eddy Andrade, The Centrality of Ecological Design: Achieving Sustainability in an Era of Free-Market Capitalist Framework

Lizbeth Sanchez, The Sustainable Future of the Metropolis: Greening New York City Building By Building

Senior Theses, Class of 2012

Samantha Allegro, Going Green at New York-Presbyterian: Hospitals As Sustainable Businesses

Elizabeth Anderson, A Stronger Role For the United States President in Environmental Policy

Miguel Bantigue, Simulating Climate Risk Into Markets and Policies: A New Approach to Financial Analysis and Policy Formation

Nicol Bellettiere, Environmental Education Reform: Using Experiential Learning to Influence Environmental Policy-Making By Fostering a Sense of Environmental Citizenship and Eco-Literacy

John Byrne, Internship Report: Earthjustice & the Fracking Battle in New York's Marcellus Shale

Kelly Caggiano, Coal: How We Achieved Our Dependency and Its True Cost

Michele Calabrese, Recycling Furniture: The Ecological, Economic and Social Benefits

Diana Cartaya-Acosta, Internship Report UNEP: The Effects of Climate Change in Arctic Zones

Danielle Darmofal, Environmental Racism in South Africa: A Sustainable Green Solution

Richard Day, The Bronx, Beavers and Birthrights: The Case For Urban Wildlife

Paige Doyle, The Economics of Biodiversity

Marisa Galdi, Environmental Communications: Case Study of New York City's Double Crested Cormorant

Lindsey Grier, Not a Walk In the Park: Environmental Justice in New York City

Katie Medved, The Economic and Environmental Justice Implications of Hydraulic Fracturing in 21st Century North America

Michele Pacaggnini, The Bottling Craze: Exposing the Environmental Effects of Bottled Vs. Tap Water

Ian Pruitt, How the United States Will Find a Sustainable Future Through Increased Nuclear Productivity

Brian Riley, Group For the East End: The Role of Childhood Environmental Education in Improving Learning Behaviors and the Health of Humans and the Environment

John Scott, The Role of Modern Zoos in Wildlife Conservation: From the WCS to the Wild

Nadia Seeteram, Global Climate Change Vs. Global Warming: What Is the Difference "Global Climate Change" and "Global Warming"?

Carolyn Wegemann, Lost in Translation: Environmental Communication Issues in Media and Politics

Previous Theses and Research Papers

Jennifer Bender, The Ins and Outs of Corporate Greenwashing
Mireille Martineau, All in Our Backyard: Exploring how Environmental Discrimination Affects Health And Social Conditions in the South Bronx

John Hinck, Bronx River Alliance: A Model Community Action Organization
Rob Pigue, Environmental Consciousness: Human Motivation for Thinking Ecologically
Christine Willeford, New York Botanical Garden Internship: From Photography to Policy
Robert Patterson, For the Birds! My Internship with Audubon New York
Samuel Paul Loor, Bronx River Alliance Internship: Natural River Restoration in Urban Ecology
Taygan Yilmaz, Unite For Sight
Philip Swintek, The Environmental Effects of War
Anamarie Beluch, The Moral Dilemma of Genetically Modified Foods

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