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Students are encouraged to pursue Study Abroad to gain international experience and a knowledge of international environmental policies. Study Abroad credits are accepted toward the environmental policy major. Please contact the Study Abroad Office for current opportunities and policies.

Environmental courses are available at almost all major universities around the world that can be attended through the Study Abroad Office. The Office lists concentrated programs in environmental studies such as the following examples which majors have successfully completed.

Denmark, Sustainability in Europe
Berlin, Environmental Studies
Costa Rica, Tropical Ecology and Conservation
Costa Rica, Sustainable Development Studies
Brazil, Amazon Resource Management & Human Ecology
Ecuador, Comparative Ecology & Conservation
Panama, Development & Conservation
Mexico, Social and Environmental Justice
Tanzania, Coastal Ecology
Botswana, Madagascar, Ecology & Conservation
Tanzania, Wildlife Ecology & Conservation
Mekong Delta, Natural & Cultural Ecology
Australia, Natural & Cultural Ecology
Australia, Sustainability & the Environment
ChinaGreen, Environmental Studies

Conservation Biology Research Around the World

Students may also be interested in the following study abroad programs (including summer study opportunities) that are accepted by the Study Abroad Office.

School of Field Studies: Environmental Field Studies Abroad
Living Routes: Study Abroad in Ecovillages

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