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Animated by the conviction that the study of Catholicism provides a powerful lens through which to view human experience and, in particular, the American past and present, Curran Center programming promotes the understanding of Catholic thought and practice, facilitates exploration of Catholicism’s diverse manifestations in American contexts, and creates opportunities for informed and compassionate engagement with religious and social issues of our time.


Curran Center activities include national conferences, public lectures, fora and readings, academic seminars and conversations, the creation and publication of scholarly and imaginative work, undergraduate and graduate courses, and an intensive honors concentration in American Catholic Studies.

Our conferences, lectures and symposia feature timely and thought-provoking topics, engage important scholarly issues and showcase the work of talented artists. They are made possible by a generous endowment from the John and Constance Curran Charitable Foundation.


LOST? Twenty-Somethings and the Church
Capstone Forum and Conference of the Three-Year Study, “Passing on the Faith, Passing on the Church”
Speakers: James Davidson, Robert Putnam, Melissa Cidade, David Campbell, Carmen Cervantes, Donna Freitas, Colleen Carroll Campbell, Tom Beaudoin, Rachel Bundang, Bill McGarvey, Marilyn Santos, Tami Schmitz, James Martin, S.J., and Rev. Robert Beloin

From the Pews in the Back: Young Women and Catholicism
A panel discussion focused on the tensions women face in the Catholic faith and within the Church
Speakers: Kate Dugan and Jennifer Owens, co-editors of From the Pews in the Back: Young Women and Catholicism (Liturgical Pres, 2009), and Fordham students Aimee Della Porta, Maria Fitzsimmons and Kathleen Mroz

Breaking the Isolation of Gangs: Community as a Response to Youth Violence
Speaker: Greg Boyle, S.J., founder and chief executive officer, Homeboy Industries

The Catholic Worker at 75: A Celebration and Retrospective
Speakers: James T. Fisher (Moderator), Amanda Daloisio, Tanya Theriault, Kate Hennessy, Patrick Jordan, Phil Runkel, Mel Piehl, Paul Elie and Robert Ellsberg


On the Waterfront: An Evening with Budd Schulberg
Budd Schulberg, Academy Award-winning screenwriter and novelist

The Lowell Affair: Catholics, Communists and Yaddo’s Red Scare
Panelists: Steven Gould Axelrod, Paul Elie, Saskia Hamilton, Mickie McGee and Vince Passaro

Gerard Manley Hopkins and “The Fine Delight That Fathers Thought”: How to Sign on to a Poet for Life

Paul Mariani, poet and author of Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Life (Viking Adult, 2008)

Women of the Word: A Colloquium of Catholic Women Poets

Speakers: Carolyn Alessio, Linda Nemec Foster, Stella Nesanovich and Angela O’Donnell
Co-Sponsored by the Joan and Bill Hank Center for the Catholic Intellectual Heritage and the Gannon Center for Women and Leadership, Loyola University, Chicago

Book Series: Catholic Practice in North America

Co-edited by Angela O’Donnell and John Seitz, associate directors of the Francis and Ann Curran Center for American Catholic Studies, the book series aims to contribute to the growing field of Catholic Studies through the publication of books devoted to the historical and cultural study of Catholic practice in North America from the colonial period to the present. The series is published by Fordham University Press.

The Rita Cassella Jones Lecture Series

Thanks to the generosity of Robert Jones, Ph.D., professor emeritus, Fordham University, and the Jones family, the Curran Center sponsors lectures on women’s issues in the North American Catholic community.

Black Women of Virtue: The Oblate Sisters of Providence in Antebellum America
Speaker: Diane Batts Morrow, Ph.D., associate professor of history and African-American Studies at the University of Georgia and author of Persons of Color and Religious at the Same Time: The Oblate Sisters of Providence, 1828-1860 (University of North Carolina Press, 2002)

Historic Mission vs. Transformative Change in a Catholic Women’s College: Reflections from Trinity College in the District of Columbia
Speaker: Jeanne Lord, Ph.D., associate vice president for student affairs, Georgetown University.

Changing History: Women in the American Catholic Past
Speaker: Kathleen Sprows Cummings, Ph.D., associate director, Cushwa Center for American Catholicism, Notre Dame University.

Curran Center Scholarships

Thanks to the generous endowments from Shirley and Jonathan O’Herron, and Jean and Albert Salvatico, Olga M. Ficarra, Edward I. O’Brien III, Mary and Ray Bonnabeau and a scholarship endowment in memory of Martin E. Feeney, S.J.,the Center offers scholarships to students enrolled in American Catholic Studies.

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