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On January 28-29, 2011, over 600 people gathered at Fordham University to reflect upon the fraught and often tenuous relationship between twenty-somethings and the Catholic Church. Panels and discussants—scholars, practitioners, and twenty-somethings themselves-- explored the data, the issues and the dilemmas marking this relationship, focusing on the diverse cultural, economic and religious contexts and experiences of young adults.
Discussion was lively, and the energy and interest were intense. Many questions and issues were raised, but time was short, and the perspectives shared, inevitably, limited. The rich and fast-paced program closed with a palpable sense that more needed to be said and explored, more voices needed to be heard, and further work needed to be done.
In response to these challenges, the Curran Center for American Catholic Studies is pleased to host this website:, dedicated to helping continue the conversation through a variety of media.
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“LOST? Twenty-Somethings and the Church,” co-sponsored by The Curran Center and Fordham’s Center on Religion and Culture, examined the lives of young adults and their relationship to the Catholic Church—or the lack thereof.  From sexuality to spirituality to service, the conference presented the data, and explored the issues, obstacles and opportunities that mark the fraught relationship between twenty-somethings and the church in today’s cultural, economic, and religious contexts. The speakers included James Davidson, Robert Putnam, Melissa Cidade, David Campbell, Carmen Cervantes, Donna Freitas, Colleen Carroll Campbell, Tom Beaudoin, Rachel Bundang, Bill McGarvey, Marilyn Santos, Tami Schmitz, James Martin, Robert Beloin; and twenty-somethings themselves.


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