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Spring 2012
  • Alan Zakko (’12) will receive the Jouin-Mooney award for philosophy this May. 
  • Tara Cannon (’12) served as a member of the Fordham’s GO! (Global Outreach) El Salvador team. 
  • Gina Ciliberto (’12) received a Fulbright teaching fellowship to Malaysia. 
  • Stephanie Pennacchia (’12) led the GO! Nashville team over Spring Break and has accepted an offer from the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) as the Special Projects Coordinator at My Friend’s Place in Los Angeles, CA. 
  • Ben Marsh (’12) will attend Georgetown Medical School in the fall, is a member of the GO! South Africa team, and presented at the Undergradute Research Symposium (URS) this Spring. 
  • Kristin Guerin (’12) has been accepted into the JVC and will lead the GO! West project this summer. 
  • Elizabeth Scheib (’12) received a Fulbright Fellowship to Germany for 2013 and will speak at a graduate colloquium on sex and gender at Princeton University this May. 
  • Michael Providenza (’12) has been accepted into the JVC and the Master’s Program in Theology at Boston College and served as a member of the GO! Detroit team in March and presented at the URS. 
  • Sheila Sennett (’12) and Vincent DeCesare (’12) also presented at the URS this spring. 
  • Marcus Lindberg (’12) will begin work as a junior associate in Equity Research at Morgan Stanley. 
  • Alan Zakko (’12) will attend the University of Connecticut’s post-baccalaureate pre-med program next year.
  • Patrick Kelly (’13) served as a member of the GO! Ecuador team, working with the Working Boys Center in Quito, Ecuador.  He also received a scholarship to a summer course at Aras Shorcha Ni Ghuarim, one of NUIG’s Irish language outreach center. 
  • Claire Beatley (’13) studied at The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies on a Gilman Scholarhip.  This fall, she will complete a microlending project to help entrepreneurs in Yunnan, China. 
  • Lyle LeBlanc (’13) studied abroad in Australia in the Spring of 2012, studying the relationship between theology and ecology as carried out by Australian Catholic Communities. 
  • Bianca Leggio (’13) has served as a CitySquash tutor and will work as a translator for African immigrant women this summer through the African Services Committee. 
  • Michael Martinez (’13) studied abroad in El Salvador on a Dean’s scholarship as part of the Casa de la Solidaridad program. 
  • Robert Sikorski (’13) studied abroad in Warsaw, Poland.
  • Heather Foye (’14) has been accepted to the JUHAN conference, where she will study the challenges of dealing with catastrophic situations in humanitarian settings.  This summer, she will participate in a course on Globalization in Chia. 
  • Eric Mollo (’14) has served on the Change For Kids team at PS 73. 
  • Ann Pierret (’14) is a member of the GO! Bolivia Team

Faculty News
Associate Director Angela Alaimo O’Donnell published The Province of Joy: Praying with Flannery O’Conner  with Paraclete Press.  Her essay, “Poetry and Catholic Themes” appears in Teaching the Tradition: Catholic Themes in Academic Disciplines (Oxford, 2012).  O’Donnell was the featured poet in the spring issue Vineyards and the March issue of PoetryNet magazine.  An essay, “Marie Ponsot & the Difficult Art of Ease,” was published at Mezzo Cammin.  O’Donnell’s review of Thomas Lynch’s The Sin-Eater appeared in the April 2nd issue of America magazine. She is the recipient of a Lilly-Funded writing residence at the Collegeville Ecumenical Center at St. John’s University this summer to work on a book of prose entitled Mortal Blessings: The Sacraments of the Living & the Dying.

Associate Director John Seitz will contribute to a conference and book project entitled Religion and World War II at Florida State University in November, 2012. 

Achievements of Recent Curran Center Concentrators
  • Ryan Adams (’11), Rhodes Scholar Semi-Finalist, Fulbright Scholar nominee, Harvard University M.T.S. Theology fellowship
  • Nora Moran (’11), Fordham Spirit Award, JVC, Baltimore, MD
  • Kate Mroz (’11), Harvard University M.T.S. Theology fellowship
  • Jenny Portillo (’11), Fulbright Scholar Nominee, Teach For America, Houston
  • Priam Saywack (’11), Yeshiva University School of Law
  • Olivia Holdsworth (’10), Fulbright Fellowship to El Salvador (2010), works for Fulbright in El Salvador
  • Aimee della Porta (’10), JVC, Seattle, WA, works at nonprofit  in Philadelphia, PA
  • David de la Fuente (’10), Master of Theological Studies, Boston College (’12)
  • Maria Fitzsimmons (’10), Fordham Claver Award, JVC, Seattle, WA,
  • John Korevec (’10), City Year Fellowship (San Jose, CA)
  • Jennifer Sawyer (’09) Edward A. Walsh Scholar (Media Studies), production assistant at The Martha Stewart Show
  • John Howes (’09), New York City Urban Studies Fellowship
  • Lauren Gilger (’09), Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship Finalist,Walter Cronkite School of Journalism fellowship, Arizona State University
  • Claire Donnelly (’09), George Mitchell Scholarship Finalist
  • Laura Jensen (’09), JD, Pace University (Environmental Law)
  • Emily Wilant (’08), Peace Corps Moldova, MA in International Political Economy and Development, Fordham University (’12)
  • Kara Stone (’08), Fulbright Scholar Nominee, George Mitchell Scholarship Nominee, PhD Candidate in English, Fordham University
  • Prescott Loveland (’07), JVC (New Orleans), Fordham Law School, Stein Scholar for Public Interest
  • Alex Sacco (’07), Research Associate at Lehman Brothers, Buckingham Research Group
  • Tyler Reinagel (07), Doctoral Fellow at University of Georgia, Fanning Institute of Public Service and Outreach

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