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Follow-Up: The Cardinal and Colbert: Humor, Joy, and the Spiritual Life

dotCommonweal Post: Michael Peppard, Ph.D.

Books & Excerpts by Rev. Jim Martin, SJ:
Did Jesus Laugh?
Between Heaven and Mirth
God's Job Performance
My Take: Reclaiming Jesus' Sense of Humor
The Lighter Side Of a Spiritual Life
40 Days of Funny:  A Video Series by James Martin, SJ

For more on and by Cardinal Archbishop Timothy Dolan:
The Gospel in the Digital Age
True Freedom: On Protecting Human Dignity and Religious Freedom
A People of Hope: Archbishop Timothy Dolan in Conversation with John L. Allen Jr.
To Whom Shall We Go?
About Timothy Cardinal Dolan
Cardinal Dolan's Column

For more on and by Stephen Colbert:
Visit Colbert Nation
America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't
I Am A Pole (And So Can You!)
I Am America (And So Can You!)


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