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The History Faculty at Fordham University are dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, and University and professional service.  Members of the Department have received University teaching awards, book awards, and prestigious fellowships, and have published their research in the most significant journals and presses. Many have held high office in professional organizations and within the University. History faculty continue to shape and administer interdisciplinary programs such as American Studies, Irish Studies, Latin American and Latino Studies, Medieval Studies, Environmental Policy, Peace and Justice Studies, Women’s Studies, and others.

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Salvador Acosta (2010), Assistant Professor of History. PhD., University of Arizona. US Latino/a; Family; Gender; Popular Culture; Immigration and Ethnicity; Southwest US.

Doron Ben-Atar (1996), Professor of History. Ph.D., Columbia. Revolutionary and early-national United States; early American foreign policy; psychohistory.

Edward Bristow
(1986), Professor of History and Director of the B.F.A. Program. Ph.D., Yale. Modern Europe and Modern Britain.

Paul A. Cimbala (1987), Professor of History. Ph.D., Emory. 
Civil War era; the American South.

Saul Cornell (2009) Paul and Diane Guenther Chair in American History.
Ph.D., Pennsylvania. Legal/constitutional history, early American history, and American
intellectual and cultural history.

Elaine Forman Crane (1978), Distinguished Professor of History. Ph.D., NYU.
Colonial and revolutionary America; history of gender roles in America.

Nancy J. Curtin (1988), Professor of History. Ph.D., Wisconsin.
18th-20th century Britain and Ireland; nationalism; gender and sexuality.

Christopher Dietrich (2012), Assistant Professor of History. Ph. D., Texas. 
U.S. foreign relations.

Barry Goldberg (1975), Associate Professor of History. Ph.D., Columbia.
Late 19th and 20th century social history; history of labor; race and ethnicity.

Richard F. Gyug (1994), Professor of History and Medieval Studies. 
Ph.D., Toronto. Medieval liturgy, religion and society, codicology, Spain and Italy.

David Hamlin (2004), Associate Professor of History. Ph.D., Brown.
Modern Germany; cultural and economic history.
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, Rose Hill

Robert F. Himmelberg
(1961), Professor of History 
Ph.D., Penn State. 20th century political and economic history.

Robert F. Jones (1961), Professor Emeritus of History. Ph.D., Notre Dame.
Early national period; the American presidency.

Maryanne Kowaleski
(1982), Joseph Fitzpatrick, S.J. Distinguished Professor of History and Medieval Studies. Ph.D., Toronto.
Medieval economic and social history; women and family; urban history; maritime history; England.

Héctor Lindo-Fuentes (1991), Professor of History. Ph.D., Chicago.
Latin America, U.S.-Latin American relations.
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, LC

Christopher Maginn (2004), Professor of History. Ph.D., National Universityof Ireland, Galway. Early modern Irish and British history; Gaelic Ireland; the Tudor state; British state formation. 

Michael Marmé (1989), Assistant Professor of History, Director of International and Intercultural Studies, and Director of Honors Program (Lincoln Center).Ph.D., California-Berkeley. Socio-economic history of late Imperial China.

John P. McCarthy (1971), Professor Emeritus of History. Ph.D., Columbia University.
British and Irish history.

Yuko Miki (2013), Assistant Professor of History. Ph.D., New York University. Iberian Atlantic World; Latin America; Brazil; African Diaspora; Slavery and Emancipation; Indigenous Societies; Race Relations and Racial Thought; Race, Citizenship, and Nation-Building; Law, Gender, and Violence.

Durba Mitra (2013), Assistant Professor of History. Ph.D., Emory University. South Asian history.

Alex Novikoff (2007), Assistant Professor of History. Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania.  Medieval Intellectual and Cultural history, Scholasticism, History of Universities, Monastic Pedagogy, Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations.  Music and Performance.

Wolfgang P. Mueller (2000), Professor of History. Ph.D.,Syracuse University. Dr. Phil. Habil., Univ. Augsburg (Germany). Law and Institutions in Medieval Western Society.

W. David Myers (1990), Professor of History. Ph.D., Yale.
Intellectual and religious history of earlymodern Europe, particularly Germany; the Catholic Reformation.

Mark Naison (1970), Professor of African and African American Studies. Ph.D., Columbia.
African-American history; 20th century social and labor history.

Joseph F. O'Callaghan (1954), Professor Emeritus. Ph.D., Fordham 
Medieval Spain; Medieval Kingship and parliaments.

Roger Panetta (1964), Lecturer. Ph.D., CUNY
American History, history of New York, Hudson Valley, history of the suburbs, digital history.

Louis B. Pascoe, S.J. (1973),
Professor Emeritus. Ph.D., U.C.L.A.
Ecclesiastical and intellectual history; reform ideologies; universities; church and state.

Silvana Patriarca (2001), Professor of History. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University.
Modern Italy, Nationalism and National Identities, History of Social Quantification.

Nicholas Paul (2006) Associate Professor of History, Ph.D., M. Phil., Cambridge.
Social and Cultural history of the Medieval Nobility; Historiography and Memory; Crusades; Angevin Empire, France, Catalonia, and the Low Countries.

S. Elizabeth Penry (1997), Assistant Professor of History. Ph.D., Miami.
Colonial Latin America, Andean ethno history, cultural history.

Carina Ray (2007), Associate Professor of History. Ph.D., Cornell
Modern Africa, African Diaspora, Comparative Colonialism, Comparative Nationalism, Race & Sexuality Studies, Social history of Africa.

Thierry Rigogne (2005), Associate Professor of History. Ph.D., Princeton.
18th-century France, social and cultural history, early modern communication and consumption.

Bernice Glatzner Rosenthal (1970), Professor of History. Ph.D., California-Berkeley.
European intellectual history; Russian history; women's history.

Grace Shen (2011), Assistant Professor of History. Ph.D., Harvard.

Asif Siddiqi (2005), Professor of History, Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University.
Social and Cultural history of Science and Technology, Modern Russian history.
Director of Graduate Studies

Daniel Soyer (1997), Professor of History. Ph.D., NYU.
American immigration and ethnicity; urban history (especially New York City); Jewish history.

Steven Stoll
(2008), Associate Professor of History. Ph.D., Yale University.
American environmental history, agrarian society.

Kirsten Swinth (1997), Associate Professor of History. Ph.D., Yale.
U.S. since 1945; U.S. gender history and history of sexuality., U.S. cultural and social history; American Studies; history of visual culture.
Department Chair

Ebru Turan (2006), Assistant Professor of History. Ph.D., Chicago.
Sixteenth-century political, cultural and intellectual Ottoman, Islamic and Mediterranean history, early modern state formation and empire building.

Susan Wabuda (1993), Associate Professor of History. F.R.Hist.S., Ph.D., Cambridge.
Tudor-Stuart England; the English Reformation.

Rosemary Wakeman (2000), Professor of History and Director of Urban Studies Program. Ph.D., California-Davis. Modern France; 20th century Europe; urban history.

Irma Watkins-Owens (1988), Associate Professor of African and African American Studies. Ph.D., Michigan. African-American history; ethnic history; women of color.

Roger Wines (1959), Professor Emeritus. Ph.D., Columbia.
Modern Germany; history and archaeology of New York City.

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