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Thierry Rigogne Thierry Rigogne
Associate Professor of History
Office Location: Dealy Hall 625 & Lowenstein Building 426F
Phone: (718) 817-0851, (212) 636-7493
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Research Interests

Dr. Rigogne’s research explores the links between commerce, culture, and communication in eighteenth-century France. His first book, Between State and Market: Printing and Bookselling in Eighteenth-Century France, published in 2007, explores the transformations in the production and consumption of print in France during the Enlightenment. He has also published several articles and essays on eighteenth-century French printing and bookselling in American and European scholarly journals and collections of essays. 

He is now working on a book that charts the creation of the French café from the introduction of coffeehouses in the 1660s until 1800 and details its contributions to the birth of modernity.
Dr. Rigogne is also studying the creation of news and the networks circulating information, using France at the onset of the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763) as a case study.

Dr. Rigogne teaches classes on French history from the early modern period and the French Revolution to the present at both the undergraduate and the graduate level. His teaching interests also include early modern European history, the Enlightenment, food history, and the history of print, media and communication.

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