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Graduate study at Fordham matches outstanding students with our outstanding faculty. Whether they are working toward the M.A. or the Ph.D., whether studying full-time or part-time, fresh out of college or returning after a hiatus, graduate students at Fordham can expect personal attention from their professors and early help in their professional development. Classes are relatively small, averaging nine or ten students, allowing students to develop skills in critical analysis and historical research. The department also attends to other aspects of professional training. For example, the course on college teaching trains Ph.D. students in pedagogical methods and gives them experience in classroom teaching. After the course, a faculty member mentors those students who are awarded teaching fellowships. Because of their wide experience in teaching, research and such historical activities as documentary editing, oral history, and archival description, Fordham professors can assist students in developing a range of professional skills--college and high-school teaching, documentary editing, journalism, and other history-related practices.

Opportunities to gain teaching experience are available through teaching fellowships awarded through the Department of History and through the various adjunct positions offered at New York area colleges. We also encourage students to present papers at scholarly conferences, and we guide them through the process. Partial funding for conference travel is available through the Graduate Student Association. We extend encouragement and guidance to students who wish to secure outside fellowships and grants to fund research during the initial and final stages of dissertation writing. Within the department, students organize themselves in reading groups to further develop their skills in foreign languages. The faculty encourages the highest standards of research and writing with annual prices, such as the Loomie Prize for the best seminar paper. At the conclusion of the degree program, faculty members, in cooperation with the University’s Career Planning Service, help students to set up a dossier and look for employment related to their degree.

The Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of History is Dr. Asif Siddiqi. Please send any questions, comments, and news to her at

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