Fordham University            The Jesuit University of New York

PhD Dissertations Completed

Darryl Brock
“American Empire and the Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico”
Mentor: Dr. Hector Lindo-Fuentes

Joanne Fillipone
“The Monastic Choir Books of San Sisto in Piacenza and the Production of Liturgical Manuscripts in Fifteenth-Century Italy”
Mentor: Dr. Richard Gyug

Jonathon Pettinato
“Burke and Britons: Edmund Burke and the Contested Emergence of an Imperial British Identity”
Mentor: Dr. Nancy Curtin

Geoffrey Clement
“A Franciscan Inquisitor's Manual and its Compositional Context: Codex Casanatensis 1730”
Mentor: Dr. Gyug

Ryan Keating
“Give Us Was In Our Time' America's Irish Communities at War in the Civil War Era”
Mentor: Dr. Paul Cimbala

Christopher Beck
“Letter to Marque, the City Council, and the Protection of Privileges in Late Medieval Marseille, 1250-1423”
Mentor: Dr. Maryanne Kowaleski and Dr. Daniel Smail

Heidi Febert
“Between Beguines and Burghers: Civic Authority and the Changing Fortunes of Beguines in German Towns”
Mentor: Dr. Wolfgang Mueller

Nicole Lopez-Jantzen
“Between the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages: The Struggle for Ravenna in the Eighth Century”
Mentor: Dr. Richard Gyug

Michael Conforti
“An Inconvenient Forum: Power, Politics and the English Common Law Courts in the Age of Mansfield”
Mentor: Dr. Nancy J. Curtin

Laurel Wilson
“La Nouvelle Maniere': The Birth of Fashion in the Fourteenth Century”
Mentor: Dr. Maryanne Kowaleski


Elizabeth Hardman
"Justice, Jurisdiction, and Choice: The Church Courts of Carpentras in the Fifteenth Century" 
Mentor: Dr. Daniel Smail

Kenneth Mondschein
"A Matter of Time: Church, Civic Administration, and the Idea of the Hour in Medieval France"
Mentor: Dr. Richard Gyug


Allison Clark (Director Curriculum and Content Development, College Board) "The Social Topography of Female Hermits in Medieval Siena: Uses and Meanings of Urban Space"
Mentor: Dr. Richard Gyug
Ken Kurihara
"Wunderzeichen and Society in Reformation Germany"
Mentor: Dr. W. David Myers

Jennifer Speed 
"The Politics of Emotion in Thirteenth-Century Iberia"
Mentor: Dr. Daniel Smail

Rebecca Slitt (Post-Doctoral Fellow, Queen's University, Canada)
"Aristocratic Male Friendship in the Anglo-norman World, 1000-1300 "
Mentor: Dr. Maryanne Kowaleski

Caroline Dunn (Assistant Professor, Clemson University)
"Damsels in Distress or Partners in Crime? The Abduction of Women in Medieval England"
Mentor: Dr. Maryanne Kowaleski

Tomas Zahora
"Alexander Neckman's Encyclopedias: Work at a Juncture-Point in Medieval Intellectual and Social History"
Mentor: Dr. Richard Gyug

Robert Markys (Associate Professor, Bronx Community College)
"From Medieval Tutiorism to Modern Probabilism: ‘Spoils of Egypt’ and the Making of the Jesuit Conscience between Loyola and Pascal"
Mentor: Dr. W. David Myers

Lyndell O'Hara (Associate Dean, Arts and Sciences, Nyack College, Manhattan)
"Far Beyond Both her Nature and Her Sex: The Creation of a Puritan Hagiography in Old and New England, 1590-1720"
Mentor: Drs. Elaine Crane and Susan Wabuda

Michael Vargas (Assistant Professor, SUNY-New Paltz)
"Social Resources and Institutional Change in the Dominican Province of Aragon”
Mentor: Dr. Richard Gyug

Ildar H. Garipzanov (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Bergen's Center for Medieval Studies, Norway)
"Rex Francorum -- Imperator Augustus -- gratia Dei rex: The 'Language' of Authority in the Carolingian World (751-877)"
Mentor: Dr. Richard Gyug

Laura Morreale (Wemaster, "The French of Italy" and "The French of Outremer")
"Chronicle and Community in Northern Italy, 1240-1360"
Mentor: Dr. Daniel Smail

Gilbert Stack  (Director of Accreditation and Assessment, Graduate School of Business, Fordham University)
"English Mint Administration, Moneyers and Monetary Reform in the Reign of Henry II, 1154-1189"
Mentor: Dr. Maryanne Kowaleski

Nicolas Agrait (Assistant Professor, Long Island University)
"Monarchy and Military Practice during the Reign of Alfonso XI 1312-50."
Mentor: Dr. Joseph O'Callaghan

Steve Spishak (Technology Program Director, National Association of Securities Dealers, and Owner of Liquid Symmetry Web Design)
"Urban Lordship in England: Lay Seigneurs in the West Midlands and Welsh March, 1066-1348"
Mentor: Dr. Maryanne Kowaleski

Elizabeth Kunz (Cornell University, Communications and Marketing, College of Architecture, Art and Planning)
"Hospitality, Conviviality and the English Gentry: Social Networks of the Landed Elite in Late Medieval Suffolk"
Mentor: Dr. Maryanne Kowaleski

Lori Pieper (Researcher, Translator, Conjuring Arts Research Center, New York)
"St. Elizabeth of Hungary and the Franciscan Tradition"
Mentor: Dr. Richard Gyug

James Patterson (Associate Professor and Academic Vice-President, Centenary College)
"Patriots or Outlaws: Irish Rebel Activity, 1798-1803”
Mentor: Dr. Nancy J. Curtin

Derek Rivard (Associate Professor, Cottey College)
"Sanctifying the World: Ritual Blessing and Lay Piety in Medieval Religion and Culture”
Mentor: Dr. Richard Gyug

Louis Hamilton (Associate Professor, Drew University)
"The Power of Liturgy and the Liturgies of Power in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries”
Mentor: Dr. Richard Gyug

Rosmarie Sunderland (retired)
"Huldrych Zwingli’s Reformation: Changes in Religious and Social Customs in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Zurich and its Environs”
Mentor: Dr. W. David Myers 

David Sylvester (President, King's University College, University of Western Ontario)
"Maritime Communities in Pre-Plague England: Winchelsea and the Cinque Ports”
Mentor: Dr. Maryanne Kowaleski 

Gilmar Visoni (Associate Professor, Queensborough Community College)
"Lyrical Dialectic as Historiographical Discourse in the Italian Dialogues of Giordano Bruno”
Mentors: Dr. W. David Myers and Dr. Wayne Storey

Gregory Beirich (Lecturer, California State University, Los Angeles, and CSU, Long Beach)
"Franciscan Apocalypticism and Reform: Ubertino de Casale’s Arbor vitae crucifixae Jesu”
Mentor: Fr. Louis Pascoe, S.J. 

David Flaten (Assistant Professor, Tompkins Cortland Community College)
"Political Power, Sexuality, and the Family: King George II and the Politicians, 1727-1760”
Mentor: Dr. Nancy J. Curtin 

Paul Halsall (Web Consultant)
"Women’s Bodies, Men’s Souls: Sanctity and Gender in Ninth- and Tenth-Century Byzantium”
Mentor: Dr. Maryanne Kowaleski 

Nina Melechen (Independent Scholar, Nashville, TN)
"The Jews of Medieval Toledo: Their Economic and Social Contact with Christians, 1125-1391”
Mentor: Dr. Joseph O’Callaghan

Daniel M. LaCorte (Associate Professor, Western Michigan University)
"Images of Abbot and Monastic Community in the Thought of Aelred of Rievaulx"
Mentor: Fr. Louis B. Pascoe, S. J.

Dalia M. Leonardo (Assistant Professor, CUNY Graduate Center)
"League Polemics and Monarchical Crisis: A Religious and Cultural Analysis of the Catholic League during the Reign of Henry III (1576-1589)
Mentor: Dr. Bryant T. Ragan

Theresa M. Earenfight (Associate Professor, Seattle University)
"Queenship, Politics, and Government in the Medieval Crown of Aragon: The Lieutenancy of Maria of Castile, 1420-23 and 1432-53"
Mentor: Dr. Joseph F. O'Callaghan

Thomas C. Giangreco (Government Documents, Walsh Library, Fordham University)
"Reform, Renewal, and Renaissance: The Thought of Cola di Rienzo in Its Historical Context"
Mentor: Fr. Louis B. Pascoe, S.J. 

Joanne King Grafe (Adjunct Assistant Professor, Florida International University)
"Caritas Pirckheimer: Sixteenth-Century Chronicler"
Mentor: Dr. W. David Myers

Marianne F. LaPointe (Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut, Stamford)
"Stuart Petitions and the Failure of 'Good Rule': Protests of Commoners over Administrative Corruption, 1603-1642"
Mentors: Fr. Albert J. Loomie S.J. and Dr. Susan Wabuda

Anton Xuereb (†)
"Angelo of Clareno: Structure and Argument in the Historia Septem Tribulationum" (awarded posthumously)
Mentor: Fr. Louis B. Pascoe, S.J.

Christopher M. Bellitto (Associate Professor, Kean University)
"Nicolas de Clamanges: Personal and Pastoral Reform in the Late Medieval Church"
Mentor: Fr. Louis B. Pascoe, S.J.

James J. Todesca (Associate Professor, Armstrong Atlantic State University)
"What Touches All: Coinage and Monetary Policy in Leon-Castile to 1230"
Mentor: Dr. Joseph F. O'Callaghan

Ellen M. Russell
"James Alexander, 1691-1756"
Mentor: Dr. Robert F. Jones

Judy Ford (Professor, Texas A&M University, Commerce)
"The Community of the Parish in Late Medieval Kent"
Mentor: Dr. Maryanne Kowaleski

Peter J. Hatlie (Director and Academic Dean, University of Dallas Rome Program)
"Abbot Theodore and the Studites: A Case Study in Monastic Social Groupings and Political Conflict in Constantinople (787-826)
Mentor: Dr. Maryanne Kowaleski

Beverly A. Dougherty (retired)
"The Statutes of the Yorkist Period, 1461-1485: Their Significance and Impact on the Development of the State"
Mentor: Dr. Joseph F. O'Callaghan

J. Pascal Gargiulo
Lucas Alaman, Mexican Conservatism, and the United States: A History of Attitudes and Policy, 1823-1853
Mentor: Dr. George Gill

Theresa M. Vann (Curator of Malta Study Center, Hill Monastic Manuscript Library)
"Castilian Royal Government of the Kingdom of Toledo, 1085-1252"
Mentor: Dr. Joseph F. O'Callaghan

Marilyn Oliva (Adjunct Associate Professor, Fordham University, and Editorial Board, Medieval Prosopography)
"The Convent and the Community in the Diocese of Norwich from 1350 to 1540"
Mentor: Dr. Maryanne Kowaleski

R. Fox Thurston (retired)
"The Tranquility of the Realm in Fifteenth-Century Castile (1406-1474)"
Mentor: Dr. Joseph F. O'Callaghan

Joseph F. Meany, Jr. (Senior Historian New York State Museum)
“Merchant and Redcoat: The Papers of John Gordon Macomb July 1757 to June 1760.”
Mentor: Robert F. Jones

George Pawliczko (Executive Director, American Institute of Banking of Greater New York)
"A Crucial Turning Point: The Council of Lviv 1946, Its Background and Consequences."
Mentor: Bernice Rosenthal

Alexander L. Dvorkin (Professor and President of St-Iraneus of Lyon Center of Religious Studies, Moscow)
"Ivan the Terrible as a Religious Type."
Mentor:John Meyendorff

Paulette Lynn Pepin (Assistant Professor of Education, University of New Haven)
"Church-State Relations during the Reign of Fernando IV of Castile-León (1295-1312)."
Mentor: Joseph F. O'Callaghan

Richard Emil Marchese
"The Role of St. Catherine of Genoa (1447-1510) in the Reform of the Church."
Mentor: John C. Olin

Rasa J. Mazeika (Director, Lithuanian Museum,Archives of Canada)
"The Role of Pagan Lithuania in Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Religious Diplomacy in East-Central Europe (1345-77)."
Mentor: John Meyendorff

Francesco C. Cesareo (President of Assumption College, Worcester, MA.)
"Humanism and Reform in the Life and Work of Gregorio Cortese 1483-1548."
Mentor: John C. Olin

Elliott Burton Litsky
"The Murphy-Weygand Agreement: The United States and French North Africa (1940-1942)."
Mentor: Douglas W. Houston

Delma S. Arrigoitia
"Jose de Diego: A Legislator in Times of Political Transition (1903-1918)."
Mentor: O. Carlos Stoetzer

Stephen J. Greenberg (Coordinator of Public Services, History of Medicine Division, National Library of Medicine, Maryland)
"Cavalier-Propaganda Stereotypes in Seventeenth-Century England."
Mentor: John C. Olin

Jerome J. Haggerty
"A History of the Ranger Battalions in World War II."
Mentor: George J. Gill

Maryann Civitello
"The State Department and Peacemaking, 1917-1920: Attitudes of State Department Officials Toward Wilson's Peacemaking Efforts."
Mentor: George J. Gill

Donald Kagay (Professor, Albany State University)
"The Development of the Cortes in the Crown of Aragon, 1064-1327."
Mentor: Joseph F. O'Callaghan

Frances Kianka
"Demetrius Cydones (c. 1324-c. 1397): Intellectual and Diplomatic Relations Between Byzantium and the West in the Fourteenth Century."
Mentor: John Meyendorff

Kenneth A. Lill
"Kurt Bruening and Plans for Alcohol Fuel Production in the Weimar Republic."
Mentor: Roger Wines

Brother John W. Klein
"The Role and Impact of Rockefeller Philanthropy during the Progressive Era."
Mentor: Robert F. Himmelberg

Anne M. Mannion (Associate Professor, Fordham University)
"Novalia: A Study in Cistercian Economic Policy and Practices from 1098 to 1215."
Mentor: Joseph F. O'Callaghan

Markian Pelech
"The Question of Representation in Prussia under the Grand Master Heinrich von Plauen (November 9, 1410-October 9, 1413)."
Mentor: Joseph F. O'Callaghan

Charles P. Connor
"The American Catholic Political Position at Mid-Century: Archbishop Hughes as a Test Case."
Mentor: Francis Xavier Curran, S.J.

Richard James Donagher
"The Urban Bull Moose: A Case Study in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh."
 Mentor: Robert F. Himmelberg

Miriam Joyce Haron
"Anglo-American Relations and the Question of Palestine, 1945-1947."
Mentor: John P. Entelis

Annette Palmer
"The United States and the Commonwealth Caribbean, 1940-1945."
Mentor: Douglas W. Houston

Janush Rozankowski
"Theobald of Champagne: Count, Crusader, and King."
Mentor: Joseph F. O'Callaghan

John L. Boojamra
"The Ecclesiastical Reforms of the Patriarch Athanasius of Constantinople (1289-1293; 1303-1309)."
Mentor: John Meyendorff

Vincent F. Bonelli
"The Response of Public and Private Philanthropy to the Panic of 1819 in New York City."
Mentor: Robert F. Jones

Donald J. Cannon
"The Fire Department of the City of New York, 1835-1898: A Study in Institutional Adaptability."
Mentor: Robert F. Himmelberg

Maria T. Eufemia
"The Influence of Republican Ideology on New Yorkers, 1775-1800: An Examination of the British Libertarian Tradition."
Mentor: Robert F. Jones

Lawrence Schaefer
"The King's Prerogative to Dissolve Parliament and the Dissolution Crisis of December 1783."
Mentor: Maurice R. O'Connell

Angela Constantinides Hero
“The Unpublished Letters of Gregory Akindynos.”
Mentor: John Meyendorff

Paul Robert Ziegler
“Joseph Hume and the Whigs, 1830-1841: A Study of Inter-Party Cooperation.”
Mentor: Maurice R. O'Connell

Thomas B. Andersen
“Patrocinium: The Concept of Personal Protection and Dependence in the Later Roman Empire and the Early Middle Ages.”
Mentor: Charles P. Loughran, S. J.

Sister Helen Coldrick
“Daniel O’Connell and Religious Freedom.”
Mentor: Maurice R. O’Connell

Richard J. Grace
“Anglo-American Relations Regarding the Far East 1937-1941.”
Mentor: Robert Himmelberg

John M. Hamrogue
“John A. Andrew, Abolitionist Governor, 1861-1865.”
Mentor: John A. Carpenter

Roman Legedza
“The Sudeten Crisis of September 1938: An Inquiry Into German Motives and Objectives.”
Mentor: Roger A. Wines

Charles B. McNamara
“The Hébertists: Study of a French Revolutionary Faction in the Reign of Terror, 1793-94.”
Mentor: A. Paul Levack

Anna-Maria Moggio
“The Napoleonic Image in the Press of Toulouse, 1830-1848.”
Mentor: A. Paul Levack

Allan Nelson
The Parliamentary election Influence and Activities of the Third Duke of Portland, 1760-1780.”
Mentor: Maurice R. O’Connell

John T. Reilly
“The Confiscation and Sale of the Loyalist Estates and Its Effect on the Democratization of Landholding in New York, 1779-1800.”
Mentor: Robert F. Jones

Martin J. Becker
“A History of Catholic Life in the Diocese of Albany, 1609-1864.”
Mentor: Francis Xavier Curran, S. J.

Nicholas G. Itsines
“Patriarch Nicholas Mysticos and the Fourth Marriage of Leo VI, the Wise.”
Mentor: John Meyendorff

Sister Kathleen C. Keating
“John Acton and the Church of Pius IX.”
Mentor: James Hennessey, S. J.

Joseph R. Leahey
“The Influence of St. Bernard on Episcopal Elections in France, 1138-1153.”
Mentor: Joseph F. O’Callaghan

Theodore John Rivers
Contributions to the Criticism and Interpretation of the Lex Baiuvariorum: A Comparative Study of the Alamannic and Bavarian Codes.” Charles P. Loughran, S. J.

Raymond J. Russo
“The Political Process in New York State, 1816-1824: A Study in Political Morality and Changing Attitudes Toward the Party System.”
Mentor: John A. Carpenter

Philip R. Silvia
“The Spindle City: Labor, Politics and Religion in Fall River, Massachisetts, 1870-1905.”
Mentor: Robert Himmelberg

Bruce Taylor
“Emancipation in Barbados 1830-1850, A Study in Planter Accommodation.”
Mentor: O. Carlos Stoetzer

Constantine Tsirpanlis
“Mark Eugenicus and the Council of Florence: A Historical Re-Evaluation of His Personality.”
Mentor: John Meyendorff

John V. Wilkinson
“The Social Welfare Program of Pope Gregory the Great.”
Mentor: Charles P. Loughran, S. J.

Ruth Brantl
“The Household of Theobald Archbishop of Canterbury: A Study in the Twelfth Century English Episcopal Household.”
Mentor: Joseph F. O’Callaghan

Francis P. DeStefano
“Henry Seymour Conway and the Commons’ Cause, 1741-1784.”
Mentor: Ross J. S. Hoffman

John Nikol
“The Oxford Movement in Decline: Lord John Russell, the Tractarians and the Church of England, 1846-1852.”
Mentor: Maurice R. O’Connell

Robert Renz
“The LegalPosition of the Soldier and Veteran in the Roman Empire.”
Mentor: Charles P. Loughran, S. J.

Daniel Weitz
“Famine and Plague as Factors in the Collapse of the Roman Empire in the Third Century.”
Mentor: Charles P. Loughran, S. J.

Rose Pik Siu Chan
“The Great Powers and the Chinese Revolution, 1911-1913.”
Mentor: Douglas W. Houston

Howard L. English
“Great Britain and the Problem of Imperial Defense: The Far East, 1919-1923.”
Mentor: Douglas W. Houston

Mary O’Connor English
“New York in Transition, 1783-1786.”
Mentor: Joseph R. Frese, S. J.

Leo John Haczynski
 “The Problem of Eastern Galicia at the Paris Peace Conference: A Re-Examination in the Light of American Materials in the Archives of the United States.”
Mentor: Oscar Halecki

Thomas Michael Molloy
“The Irish Executive and the North Ministry, 1777-1782.”
Mentor: Ross J. S. Hoffman

Peter P. O'Keefe
“A History of the Metropolitan Office at Rheims from Hincmar (845-882) to the Romana Ecclesia of Innocent IV (1243-1254).”
Mentor: Joseph F. O’Callaghan

Edward Francis Sweet
“The Origin of the Democratic Party in Rhode Island, 1824-1836.”
Mentor: John A. Carpenter

Janet Marguerite Leonard
“A Study of the Administration of John Aylmer, Bishop of London, 1577-1594.”
Mentor: Albert J. Loomie, S. J.

John JamesBrennan
“England in the Foreign Policy of Francis I: 1515-1525.”
Mentor: Albert J. Loomie, S. J.

John J. Hanrahan
“The High Cost of Living Controversy, 1919-1920.”
Mentor: Robert J. Himmelberg

Francis Xavier Holbrook
“United States National Defense and Trans-Pacific Commercial Air Routes 1933-1941.”
Mentor: Edward J. Berbusse, S. J.

George Pililis
“The Beginnings of Christian Monachism.”
Mentor: Jeremiah O’Sullivan

William John Telesca
“Commendatory Abbeys and the Order of Citeaux; a Study of Papal-Gallican Rivalry.”
Mentor: Jeremiah O’Sullivan

Mother Madeleine Chi Sung-Chun, R. S. C. J.
“The Chinese Question during the First World War.”
Mentor: Douglas W. Houston

Rafael Leon Cortada
“The Government of Spain under Joseph Bonaparte, 1808-1814.”
Mentor: A. Paul Levack

Herbert F. Janick
“Government for the People: The Leadership of the Progressive Party in Connecticut.”
Mentor: Robert F. Himmelberg

Rev. Bede Karl Lackner, S. O. Cist.
“The Eleventh CenturyBackground of Citeaux.”
Mentor: Jeremiah F. O’Sullivan

James McLane Murphy, S. J.
“The Pitt Administration and the Irish Roman Catholics, 1791-1801.”
Mentor: Ross J. S. Hoffman

Aristeides Papadakis
“Iconoclasm: A Study of the Hagiographical Evidence.”
Mentor: Charles P. Loughran, S. J.

Rudolf J. Schleich
“Melchior Khlesl and the Habsburg Bruderzwist, 1605-1612.”
Mentor: Roger Wines

Eileen Koehler Soldwedel
“The Immediate Origins of the Constitution of the Year III.”
Mentor: A. Paul Levack

Sophie Anna Welisch
“The Sudeten German Question in the League of Nations.”
Mentor: Roger Wines


Sister Mary Raimonde Bartus, F. D. C.
“The Presidential Election of 1836.”
Mentor: John A. Carpenter

Mother Marie De Chantal Bunting, O. S. U.
“Liturgy and Politics in Ninth Century Gaul.”
Mentor: Charles P. Loughran

Lawrence Arthur Desmond
“The Statute Legislation of Edward I and Its Effect Upon the English Cistercians to 1399.”
Mentor: Jeremiah F. O’Sullivan

Henry C. Hoeben, S. M. A.
“Frisia and the Frisians at the Time of St. Willibrord.”
Mentor: Jeremiah F. O’Sullivan

Vincent Julian Capovski
“The Making of a Jacksonian Democrat: Levi Woodbury, 1789-1831.”

Sister Zoé Glenski
“Lord Ashley in the House of Commons.”
Mentor: Ross J. S. Hoffman

Thaddeus Vladimir Gromada
“The Slovak Question in Polish Foreign Policy, 1934-1939.”
Mentor: Casimir Cecys

Rev. Carl Andrew Volz
“Honorius of Autun: Honorius Augustodunensis—Twelfth Century Enigma.”
Mentor: Jeremiah F. O’Sullivan

Rev. William Dennis Driscoll
“Benjamin F. Butler: Lawyer and Regency Politician.”
Mentor: Robert V. Remini

Joseph A. Eulie, Jr. 
“Politics and Administration in Ireland, 1760-1766.”
Mentor: Ross J. S. Hoffman

Walter Francis Mullen
“Rhode Island and the Imperial Reorganization of 1763-1766.”
Mentors: Rev. Joseph Frese, S. J. and Rev. Francis X. Curran, S. J.

Sister Mary Madeline Walsh, C. S. J.
“The Role of Dubois in French Foreign Affairs, 1715-1721.”
Mentor: A. Paul Levack

Michael Donald Roethler, O. S. B.
“Negro Slavery Among the Cherokee Indians, 1540-1866.”
Mentor:  Robert V. Remini

Rev. Cornelius Philip Forster, O. P.
“Charles Townshend, A Study of His Political Conduct.”
Mentor: Ross J. S. Hoffman

Eugene Francis Vincent Kusielewicz
“The Teschen Question and the Paris Peace Conference: A Re-examination in the Light of Materials in the Archives of the United States.”
Mentors: Oscar Halecki and Ross J. S. Hoffman

Leo Joseph Bocage
“The Public Career of Charles R. Crane.”
Mentor: A. Paul Levack

Brother Edward L. Cashin, F. M. S.
“Thomas E. Watson and the Catholic Laymen’s Association of Georgia.”
Mentor: Vincent Hopkins, S. J.

Daniel J. Curran
“Hendrick B. Wright: A Study in Leadership.”
Mentor: Robert V. Remini

William Denis Griffin
“John Fitzgibbon, Earl of Clare.”
Mentor: Ross J. S. Hoffman

Rev. John William Bush, S. J.
“Napoleon III and the Redeeming of Venetia, 1864-1866.”
Mentor: Ross J. S. Hoffman

Avery John Butters
“New Hampshire History and the Public Career of Meshech Weare, 1713-1786.”
Mentor: Joseph R. Frese, S.J

Rev. Venard Joseph Byrne, C.P.
"Alexander Komuloviè, 1593-1598.”
Mentor: Oscar Kalecki

Wasyl Lencyk
"The Eastern Catholic Church and Czar Nicholas I."
Mentor: Oscar Halecky Sister James Eugene Madden
"The English Cistercians: Taxation by King and Pope, 1216-1377."
Mentor: Jeremiah O'Sullivan

Thaddeus Vincent Tuleja
"United States Naval Policy in the Pacific, 1930-1941."
Mentor: A. Paul Levack

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