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The following is a list of students currently enrolled in graduate studies in history at Fordham. Where available, dissertation titles are included; those who are working on their dissertations may live outside the New York metropolitan area. Full directory information available on request to History faculty and graduate students. 
Codes for Specializations: M - Medieval, A - American, E - Modern European

Name: Area of Interest: Email: Spec. Degree:
Melissa Arredia Early America, gender A Ph.D.
Lucy C. Barnhouse Medieval hospital care, high medieval religious movements, treatment of disease, especially leprosy, canon law M Ph.D.
Edoardo Barsotti 19th-century European and U.S. history, American Civil War, Italian Risorgimento A Ph.D.
Alisa Beer Book history, the medieval book trade, manuscript culture, pilgrimage, devotional literature M Ph.D.
Scott Brevda  A M.A.
Samantha Brihaspat Colonial American social, cultural,and religious formations in the early period A Ph.D.
M. Christina Bruno 15th-century Italian Franciscan preaching and canon law M Ph.D.
Pedro M. Cameselle 19th-century nation building, U.S.-Latin American relations, immigration A Ph.D.
Salvatore Cipriano Early modern Europe, Britain and Ireland E Ph.D.
Stephanie de Paola Italy, fascism, memory and history, Italy and the Holocaust E Ph.D.
Jeff Doolittle Early medieval history of the Mediterranean region M Ph.D.
Matthew Duffy Military history of the American Revolutionary war A Ph.D.
Kimball Fontein   M.A.
Louisa Foroughi Social and cultural history of late medieval England, reading practices and literacy, vernacular religion, yeomen M Ph.D.
Brandon K. Gauthier U.S. foreign relations, DPRK-E.S. relations A Ph.D.
Kenneth Homan   M.A.
Jacquelyne Howard Gulf South -- A M.A.
Richard Hresko Economics and technology of armor and weapons production in medieval urban England M Ph.D.
David James Abolitionist movement, Civil War A Ph.D.
Laurence Jurdem American political history, American conservatism A Ph.D.
Christine Kelly 20th century U.S. social movements, American radicalism, race relations, cultural responses to power and resistance. A Ph.D.
Elizabeth Keohane-Burbridge "A Re-Interpretation of the Power and Function of Late Medieval English Convocation" M Ph.D.
Elizabeth Kuhl Medieval England and France, medieval historiography, noble culture, pilgrimage, early English common law M Ph.D.
Nicholas Larock   M.A.
Stephen Leccese American history, particularly the early Republic to the Civil War. A Ph.D.
Esther Liberman-Cuenca "The Making of Borough Customary Law in Medieval Britain" M Ph.D.
Michael Mazzullo   M.A.
Jason Mcdonald WWII, especially film and photography, Pacific War, Western European war, Eastern front, general American history A Ph.D.
Michael McKenna   Ph.D.
Nathan Melson "Franciscan Identity and Saintly Economy in Medieval Marseille, 1248-1483" M Ph.D.
Megan Monahan "Hawaii's Twentieth-Century Working Women: Labor Feminists In Their Own Right" A Ph.D.
Rev. Michael P. Morris History of the Catholic Church in the U.S., Catholic Church and labor A Ph.D.
Anna Moscatiello Late medieval England, social and economic history, urban history, London M Ph.D.
Joseph Sebastian Passaro Late 19th-century and early 20th-century Italy and the process of state-building along cultural and economic lines E Ph.D.
Frank Petrino 13th- and 14th-century English and Scottish history, military and diplomatic history, manuscript studies M Ph.D.
Johnathan Pettinato "Burke and Britons: Edmund Burke and the Contested Emergence of an Imperial British Identity" E Ph.D.
Rachel Podd  Impairment and disability in 14th- and 15th-century England, intersections between medicine and gender M Ph.D.
James Reynolds "Seeds of Communist Triumph: Why the U.S. Failed in Laos and How that Defeated Containment in Vietnam" A Ph.D.
Christopher Rose French of Outremer, historiography, Latin East M Ph.D.
Samantha Sagui "Law, Order, and the Development of Urban Policing in Late Medieval England" M Ph.D.
Alessandro Saluppo "Fascism and Violence: The Rise of Squadrismo in Ferrara, 1914-1925" E Ph.D.
Nicole Scotto   M.A.
Hannah Shepard Irish Presbyterianism, Fenianism, immigration, the American West, 19th-century Ireland and America A Ph.D.
Nicole Siegel    
Jenna Silvers "Spiritualism in Texas in the Nineteenth Century" A Ph.D.
Nicola Singh "Con la Patria O Contra la Patria? American Protestant Missionaries and U.S. Expansion in Cuba, 1898-1960" A Ph.D.
Rachel Spivack   M.A.
Sai Srikanth 20th-century U.S. legal history, America's role in international organizational formation and international agreements / treatises A M.A.
Elizabeth Stack Immigration from Ireland and Germany to 19th- and 20th-century America, gender roles, labor movements, crime, charity A Ph.D.
Thomas Stoelker   NON
Damien Strecker   Ph.D.
Jeffrey Sullebarger High medieval intellectual and cultural history, German Empire, military orders M Ph.D.
Tatum Tullis Political and social history of high and late medieval England M M.A.
Anthony Urmey   M.A.
Kristin Uscinski Medieval medicine, women's studies, Jewish studies, hagiography, canonization, medieval England M Ph.D.
Louie Dean Valencia García 20th-century Spain, European youth culture and social movements, cultural history, urban studies, the Movida Madrilena, everyday life, the production of space, globalization, counter-publics and subcultures, gender and sexuality studies, queer theory E Ph.D.
Clifton Watson   Ph.D.
Tyler Wilcox   NON
Noel Wolfe 20th-century American and African American history A Ph.D.
Jonathan Woods Early Modern Britain and Ireland E Ph.D.
Christoffer Zacher  Impairment and disability during the middle ages, economy, notions of labor M M.A.


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