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Melissa Arredia

Lucy Barnhouse

Eduardo Barsotti

Alisa Beer

Samanta Brihaspat

Darryl E. Brock

M. Christina Bruno

Pedro M. Cameselle

Salvatore Cipriano

Stephanie De Paola

Jeff Doolittle

Matthew Duffy

Brandon K. Gauthier

Rudy Hartmann

Eoin Higgins

Jacquelyne Howard

Richard Hresko

David James

Erik Johnson

Laurence Jurdem

Christine Kelly

Elizabeth Keohane-Burbridge

Elizabeth Kuhl

Stephen Leccese

Esther Liberman-Cuenca

Jason Mcdonald

Nathan Melson

Megan Monahan

Rev. Michael P. Morris

Anna Moscatiello

Joseph Sebastian Passaro

Frank Petrino

Johnathan Pettinato

James Reynolds

Christopher Rose

Samantha Sagui

Alessandro Saluppo

Hannah Shepard

Jenna Silvers

Nicola Singh

James Walker Smith

Sai Srikanth

Elizabeth Stack

Jeffrey Sullebarger

Kristin Uscinski

Louie Dean Valencia Garcia

Thomas Valerio

Noel Wolfe

Jonathan Woods

Student Directory

The following is a list of students currently enrolled in graduate studies in history at Fordham. Where available, dissertation titles are included; those who are working on their dissertations may live outside the New York metropolitan area. Full directory information available on request to History faculty and graduate students. 
Codes for Specializations: M - Medieval, A - American, E - Modern European

Name: Area of Interest: Email: Spec. Degree:
Melissa Arredia Early America, gender A Ph.D.
Lucy C. Barnhouse Medieval hospital care, high medieval religious movements, treatment of disease, especially leprosy, canon law M Ph.D.
Edoardo Barsotti 19th-century European and U.S. history, American Civil War, Italian Risorgimento A Ph.D.
Alisa Beer Book history, the medieval book trade, manuscript culture, pilgrimage, devotional literature M Ph.D.
Scott Brevda  A M.A.
Samantha Brihaspat Colonial American social, cultural,and religious formations in the early period A Ph.D.
M. Christina Bruno 15th-century Italian Franciscan preaching and canon law M Ph.D.
Pedro M. Cameselle 19th-century nation building, U.S.-Latin American relations, immigration A Ph.D.
Salvatore Cipriano Early modern Europe, Britain and Ireland E Ph.D.
Stephanie de Paola Italy, fascism, memory and history, Italy and the Holocaust E Ph.D.
Jeff Doolittle Early medieval history of the Mediterranean region M Ph.D.
Matthew Duffy Military history of the American Revolutionary war A Ph.D.
Kimball Fontein   M.A.
Louisa Foroughi Social and cultural history of late medieval England, reading practices and literacy, vernacular religion, yeomen M Ph.D.
Brandon K. Gauthier U.S. foreign relations, DPRK-E.S. relations A Ph.D.
Kenneth Homan   M.A.
Jacquelyne Howard North American Borderlands, Marriage and Family, Eighteenth Century French Imperialism A Ph.D.
Richard Hresko Economics and technology of armor and weapons production in medieval urban England M Ph.D.
David James Abolitionist movement, Civil War A Ph.D.
Laurence Jurdem American political history, American conservatism A Ph.D.
Christine Kelly 20th century U.S. social movements, American radicalism, race relations, cultural responses to power and resistance. A Ph.D.
Elizabeth Keohane-Burbridge "A Re-Interpretation of the Power and Function of Late Medieval English Convocation" M Ph.D.
Elizabeth Kuhl Medieval England and France, medieval historiography, noble culture, pilgrimage, early English common law M Ph.D.
Nicholas Larock   M.A.
Stephen Leccese American history, particularly the early Republic to the Civil War. A Ph.D.
Esther Liberman-Cuenca "The Making of Borough Customary Law in Medieval Britain" M Ph.D.
Michael Mazzullo   M.A.
Jason Mcdonald WWII, especially film and photography, Pacific War, Western European war, Eastern front, general American history A Ph.D.
Michael McKenna   Ph.D.
Nathan Melson "Franciscan Identity and Saintly Economy in Medieval Marseille, 1248-1483" M Ph.D.
Megan Monahan "Hawaii's Twentieth-Century Working Women: Labor Feminists In Their Own Right" A Ph.D.
Rev. Michael P. Morris History of the Catholic Church in the U.S., Catholic Church and labor A Ph.D.
Anna Moscatiello Late medieval England, social and economic history, urban history, London M Ph.D.
Joseph Sebastian Passaro Late 19th-century and early 20th-century Italy and the process of state-building along cultural and economic lines E Ph.D.
Frank Petrino 13th- and 14th-century English and Scottish history, military and diplomatic history, manuscript studies M Ph.D.
Johnathan Pettinato "Burke and Britons: Edmund Burke and the Contested Emergence of an Imperial British Identity" E Ph.D.
Rachel Podd  Impairment and disability in 14th- and 15th-century England, intersections between medicine and gender M Ph.D.
James Reynolds "Seeds of Communist Triumph: Why the U.S. Failed in Laos and How that Defeated Containment in Vietnam" A Ph.D.
Christopher Rose French of Outremer, historiography, Latin East M Ph.D.
Samantha Sagui "Law, Order, and the Development of Urban Policing in Late Medieval England" M Ph.D.
Alessandro Saluppo "Fascism and Violence: The Rise of Squadrismo in Ferrara, 1914-1925" E Ph.D.
Nicole Scotto   M.A.
Hannah Shepard Irish Presbyterianism, Fenianism, immigration, the American West, 19th-century Ireland and America A Ph.D.
Nicole Siegel    
Jenna Silvers "Spiritualism in Texas in the Nineteenth Century" A Ph.D.
Nicola Singh "Con la Patria O Contra la Patria? American Protestant Missionaries and U.S. Expansion in Cuba, 1898-1960" A Ph.D.
Rachel Spivack   M.A.
Sai Srikanth 20th-century U.S. legal history, America's role in international organizational formation and international agreements / treatises A M.A.
Elizabeth Stack Immigration from Ireland and Germany to 19th- and 20th-century America, gender roles, labor movements, crime, charity A Ph.D.
Thomas Stoelker   NON
Damien Strecker   Ph.D.
Jeffrey Sullebarger High medieval intellectual and cultural history, German Empire, military orders M Ph.D.
Tatum Tullis Political and social history of high and late medieval England M M.A.
Anthony Urmey   M.A.
Kristin Uscinski Medieval medicine, women's studies, Jewish studies, hagiography, canonization, medieval England M Ph.D.
Louie Dean Valencia García 20th-century Spain, European youth culture and social movements, cultural history, urban studies, the Movida Madrilena, everyday life, the production of space, globalization, counter-publics and subcultures, gender and sexuality studies, queer theory E Ph.D.
Clifton Watson   Ph.D.
Tyler Wilcox   NON
Noel Wolfe 20th-century American and African American history A Ph.D.
Jonathan Woods Early Modern Britain and Ireland E Ph.D.
Christoffer Zacher  Impairment and disability during the middle ages, economy, notions of labor M M.A.


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