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Brandon K. Gauthier
Advisor: Michael E. Latham
Dissertation Title: North Korea in the American Imagination: Cultural, Intellectual, and Political Perspectives, 1948-1996

M.A., History, Fordham University, 2010
B.A., Political Science, Elon University, 2006

Research Interests:
Brandon's interests include U.S. foreign relations, 1898-2000, U.S. -- D.P.R.K. relations since 1948 and 20th century intellectual and cultural history.

Awards and Fellowships:
U.S. Department of State, Alumni Development Fund, Critical Language Scholarship, Oct. 2012-Mar. 2013
U.S Department of State, Critical Language Scholarship, Jeonju, South Korea, Jun. 2012-Aug. 2012
Fordham University, Teaching Fellow, 2010-present
Fordham University Goldberger Fund Award, May-October 2013

Contributor: July 2013-present
"What It Was Like to Negotiate With North Koreans 60 Years Ago," July 26 2013,
Contributor: May 2012-present

The Shreveport Times,
Guest Columnist
Much Ado About Kim Jong Un, April 7, 2013
Business as Usual in Pyongyang, December 23, 2011
A Case for Diplomacy (And why it may not work), November 14, 2009
The U.S. and al-Qaeda, September 12, 2009

The Twenties in America (Ipswich, MA: Salem Press, 2011)
The Soviet Union and North America

The Thirties in America, Salem Press (Ipswich, MA: Salem Press, 2011)
The Philippine Islands
US Senator Joseph Taylor Robinson

Conference Presentations
Organization of American Historians
Atlanta, Georgia: April 2014
Panel Title: “American Encounters with Globalization during the Long 1970s” (Co-Sponsored
        by the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations)
“Bring All the Troops Home Now!”: The American Korean Friendship and Information Center
        and North Korean Pubic Diplomacy, 1971-1976”

Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, University of Wisconsin-Madison: June
Organized panel: “The origins of the non-proliferation regime in the Cold War”
“The Caution of History: John F. Kennedy, the Test Ban, and the International nuclear
        non-proliferation regime”

Ohio Academy of Historians, Capital University, Columbus, Ohio: March 2010
“The Caution of History: John F. Kennedy and the Limited Test Ban”
Courses Taught:
Understanding Historical Change: Modern European History
Understanding Historical Change: American History
Understanding Historical Change: The Global Cold War
Understanding Historical Change: The Civil War

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