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  Darryl E. Brock
Advisor: Christopher Schmidt-Nowara
Dissertation Title: American Empire and the Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico
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M.A., History, Claremont Graduate University
M.S., Marine Science, University of South Florida
B.S., Biology, Auburn University

Research Interests:
My primary dissertation focus at Fordham is the influence of science in colonial Puerto Rico as a result of American Empire; however, my subordinate interests in the history of science relate to Asia, the American South, and broader Latin America.

Awards and Fellowships:
Fordham University GSAS, Alumni Dissertation Fellowship (2013)
Wellcome Trust for the History of Medicine, Spain (History of Chemistry Conference Grant–2012)
Fordham University GSAS, Dissertation Research Support Grant (2012)
British Council Darwin Now Conference, Egypt (Conference Grant–2009)
AAAS-PD Conference Paper Award of Excellence, San Francisco (2009)
“American International Relations: Lessons from Dollar Diplomacy and Caribbean Development.” Journal of Global Development and Peace, Vol. 3 (2011): 1-25.
“Scholarly Note: American Medical Development in Colonial Puerto Rico.” Journal of Global Development and Peace, Vol. 3 (2011): 63-70.
“Science Innovation during the Chinese Cultural Revolution: Notes from the Peking Review (Scholarly Note).” Southeast Review of Asian Studies 31 (2009): 226–32.

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“Román Baldorioty de Castro” in Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American Biography (New York: Oxford University Press, 2013).

Co-Editor (with C.N. Wei), Mr. Science and Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Lexington Books, 2013. China and Darwinian Evolution: Influence on Intellectual and Social Development. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2010.

Co-author with C.N. Wei. “Introduction: Reassessing the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution,” In C.N. Wei and D.E. Brock, eds., Mr. Science and Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution, 1-39, Lexington Books, 2013.
“The People’s Landscape: Mr. Science and the Mass Line,” in C.N. Wei and D.E. Brock, eds., Mr. Science and Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution, 41-117, Lexington Books, 2013.
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Review of Ronny Viales et al. (editors), Concepciones y representaciones de la naturaleza y la ciencia en América Latina, in Hispanic American Historical Review 91:3 (2011): 580-81.
Review of Daniel A. Headrick, Power over Peoples: Technology, Environments, and Western Imperialism, 1400 to the Present, in Journal of Empire Studies 1:1 (2011).
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“Naval Technology from Dixie: James Hamilton Tomb—Confederate Engineer in Brazilian Torpedo Service,” Américas 46:4 (1994), 6-15. HISTORY OF SCIENCE ARTICLES
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“Proposal to Establish Sister City Affiliation between City of Irvine, California, USA and City District of Xuhui, Shanghai, China,” Irvine Sister Cities Foundation (March 2006), 50 page illustrated proposal.

Conference Presentations:

Panel chair, Caribbean Science and American Empire: Colonial Knowledge and Imperial Circuits. Southern Historical Association—Latin American and Caribbean Section (SHA-LACS) annual conference, St. Louis, MO (to be held October 2013).

Panel chair, Mr. Science and the Mass Line: Reassessing Science and Policy of the Cultural Revolution. Association for Asian Studies (AAS) annual conference, Philadelphia, PA (March 2010).

Panel chair, Grants and Fellowships: Want An Edge to Funding Your Opportunities? American Historical Association (AHA) annual conference, San Diego, CA (January 2010).

American Imperial Expeditions: The Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico. History of Science Society Conference, Boston, (to be held) November 2013.

The Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico: Frontier Knowledge or Civilizing Mission? Southern Historical Association—Latin American and Caribbean Section (SHA-LACS) annual conference, St. Louis, (to be held) October 2013.

The People’s Science: Chairman Mao’s Mass Line and the Cultural Revolution. American Association for Chinese Studies conference, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, October 2012.

The Confederate States Ordnance Laboratory: Nitre, Nationhood and Sites of Grey Chemistry. Sites of 19th Century Chemistry Conference, Institute for the History of Science and Medicine “López Piñero,” Valencia, Spain, July 2012.

The Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico: Intersections of Metropolitan Science and American Empire. History of Science Society Conference, Cleveland, November 2011.

‘Botanical Monroe Doctrine’ in Puerto Rico: Contours of American Imperial Scientific Expeditions and Research Stations, 1898-1933. History of Science Society Conference, Montréal, November 2010.

Darwin and the Dragon: Evolution’s Reception and Social Influence in China. British Council Darwin Now Conference: Darwin’s Living Legacy, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt, November 2009.

Globalization, the West and China: Retrospective and Postmodern Legacy. American Association for Chinese Studies Conference, Rollins College, Orlando, October 2009.

Evolution, John Dewey and China. Darwin-Galapagos symposium of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Pacific Division annual conference, San Francisco, August 2009.

Science Innovation and the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Association for Asian Studies Southeast Conference, Emory University, January 2009.

Chairman Mao, Science Policy and the Peking Review. Columbia University Graduate Student Conference on East Asia, Columbia University, February 2009.

Darwinian Evolution: Chinese Intellectual Development and Social Change. China Undisciplined: An interdisciplinary graduate student conference, UCLA Center for China Studies, May 2008.

Globalization in Ming Dynasty China and Its Post-Modern Legacy. Transforming Conversations: An Examination of our cultural, political and social consciousness, Minority Mentoring Program (MMP) graduate student conference, Claremont Graduate University, March 2008.

Courses Taught:
(University of Bridgeport, CT)
American History to 1877
American History since 1865
African American History
Civil War and Reconstruction
Science, Technology and Global Civilization
Caribbean History: Sugar, Slavery and Empire

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