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  Jonathan Woods
Advisor: Christopher Maginn
Dissertation Title: Rebellion and Reformation in Scotland: the Emergence of the Lords of the Congregation, 1542-1560.

M.A., History, Fordham University, 2012
B.A., History, University of Dallas, 2007

Research Interests:
Jonathan's interests include early modern lordship, religion, and state formation in Britain and Ireland.  His dissertation focuses on the rebellion of the Lords of the Congregation in 1559

Awards and Fellowships:
GSAS Summer Fellowship, 2013
Jesuit Pedagogy Fellowship, 2013
McCloskey Summer Fellowship, 2012
Teaching Fellowship, 2011-13
Loomie Prize Nominee, 2009

Conference Presentations:
"War and Reform in the Scottish Kingdom: the Acculturation of Clavinism, 1555-60," University of Reading, 2013
"Gates of Power: Exile and Anxiety among the Irish of Southern England, 1715-1760," ACIS 2013
"Calvinism and the Feud in the Letters of the Lords of the Congregation," MACBS, 2013
"'Lawtchfull, Honest, and Godlie': the Reformation and Noble Identity in Sixteenth-Century Scotland." SCSC, 2012
"Who are the Deserving Poor?" (commentator), Fordham University, 2011

Courses Taught: 
Medieval Europe and Early Modern Europe

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