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Joseph Sebastian Passaro

M.A., History, Miami University, 2013
B.A., Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations, Rice University, 2008

Research Interests:
Joseph Sebastian Passaro is a doctoral student studying Modern European and Latin American History. His research interests include late nineteenth and early twentieth-century Italy, the processes of modern state building, the history of children and education, the continued influence of religious identity and institutions, and identity formation. Passaro's most recent work focuses on the relationship between migration, conceptions of citizenship, and changing gender dynamics in France and Italy from 1870 to 1919.

Awards and Fellowships:
Goldberger Grant, Fordham University, Summer 2014
Graduate Assistantship, Fordham University, 2013-2014
Graduate Assistantship, Miami University, 2011-2013

Conference Presentations:
"Raising Rural Italy: National Character and Religion in the Textbooks of Felice Garelli (1880)."
The 21st International Conference of Europeanists, Organized by the Council for European Studies, Washington, D.C., March 14-16, 2014.

"Molding Moral Citizens in Late Nineteenth-Century Italian Classrooms: The Textbooks of Felice Garelli." Paper presented to the Graduate Research Forum, Miami University, November 2012.

Classes Taught:

Western Civilization
World History to 1500
World History Since 1500

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