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M. Christina Bruno
Advisor: Wolfgang Mueller
Dissertation Title: Church Law and Society in Late Medieval Bologna: A Franciscan vademecum in Context

M.A. Medieval Studies, Fordham University, 2008
B.A. History, Skidmore College, 2005

Research Interests:
Christina's interests include the Franciscan Order and Observance movements in the later medieval church and the teaching, uses, and popular dissemination of canon law in the mendicant orders

Awards and Fellowships:
Alumni Dissertation Fellowship, Fordham University (2012-2013)
Research Fellowship, Fordham University (2011-12)

Courses Taught:
HIST 1000: Understanding Historical Change: Modern Europe
HIST 1175: Understanding Historical Change: Early Modern Europe
HIST 1300: Understanding Historical Change: Medieval
Senior Teaching Fellowship, Fordham University (2010-11)

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